4 Important Things the Right Yoga Studio Software Helps You Track

You are proud to offer one of the best yoga studios in the city. Taking care of your clients is a priority, but it can take quite a bit of time. One way to manage tasks more efficiently is to invest in software that helps you keep track of important data. Here are four of the ways that the right software package will benefit you and your clients.

Creating and Managing Class Schedules

One of the factors that makes your studio successful is that you have classes for beginners, those who are ready for something more challenging, and those who have practiced yoga for years. Determining how to schedule those classes can be a challenge. If you have yoga class software that helps you plan the scheduling and ensure that the rooms assigned for each one are not already being used for other purposes, it’s easier to keep things organized. You also will not end up with clients who arrive with the intention of attending a class only to find that something else is going on instead.

Knowing When a Client is Ready for an Advanced Class

Part of your commitment to each client is knowing when the time has come to move on to something that is more of a physical challenge. When the software you choose keeps track of how clients are doing in their classes, it’s easy to know when to invite a client to take a more advanced class. This also allows you to know when working one on one with a personal trainer would be good for a client. That fitness professional can utilize the personal training management software you have incorporated into the network to keep you advised of how the client is doing and when it’s time to get back into the group sessions.

Notifying the Client of Other Fitness Opportunities You Offer

Your software can also serve as a communication hub that makes it easier to notify clients of other opportunities you have happening at the studio. One of the features allows you to create email and text lists that you can use for those notifications. Along with sending out notes regarding upcoming events, you can also use this feature to let clients know if a class is postponed, the studio is closing early due to adverse weather conditions, or even send reminders to those who sometimes forget when the next class will take place.

Ensuring the Financial Records are Up to Date

As much as you love your clients, the studio’s services are not offered for free. You need money coming in to pay the bills and keep the place in proper condition. The software you choose should make it easy to determine which clients are paid up to date, which ones need to be billed soon, and which accounts are in arrears. Having that information at your fingertips will allow you to determine the best way to keep your revenue stream healthy.

Take your time when considering any software for your studio. Try to think of any possible scenario and find out what features would help manage the issue. With the right software, you will be able to take care of tasks faster and have more time to spent with your clients.

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