Office job starter pack: Getting you in gear for your new office job

Your resume got you an interview. Your interview got you the job. Now it’s time to put your best foot forward to you make a good impression.

Get sufficient sleep

Don’t go celebrating your new job the night before your starting date. On the contrary, get an early night because tomorrow you’ll have to rise at the crack of dawn and that alone might be a shock to your system.

Research the company

On your first day in a new job, someone is bound to ask you “Do you know something about our organization?” If you haven’t already, research the company before your first day and familiarize yourself with the products or services. That way, if someone asks you a question you’ll be able to give an intelligent answer rather than having to admit that you know nothing about the company.

Pay attention to your appearance

Depending on the environment you’ll be working in, you might have to adjust your wardrobe. Jeans and a T-shirt might be your favourite attire for home, but if you’re going to work in an office, you’ll have to dress up. If you don’t have suitable clothing, invest in skirts or slacks, smart pastel blouses and jackets. Pay attention that you can mix and match.

As for shoes, stay away from flats and stilettos. If you have to walk far, it’s okay to wear comfortable shoes, but take a pair of smart shoes with you.

Your hair and nails are equally important. Long hair should be kept off your face and while it’s not necessary to wear nail polish, nails should be manicured.

Cheap Stationery

While most offices have stationery, it’s a good idea to take at buy a few extra bits such as a calculator, notepad, penand a few other bits. This is especially useful if you will be expected to take work home with you. There are plenty of places you can buy cheap stationery so this really shouldn’t be too much of a commitment.

Traveling time

Leave the house with time to spare. Even if it only took you 20 minutes to get to the company for your interview, getting to your destination during rush hour is quite a different story. If you’re traveling by car you could end up in a traffic jam, if you take the train or bus, there could be delays. Being late on your first day is a big no no. If you live in the city, this handy travel app is incredibly useful.

Being introduced

As the newcomer to the team, you’ll be introduced to your colleagues. Depending on the size of the team or department, you might meet 5 or 25 people. While it’s impossible to remember everyone’s name, smile at the people you’re introduced to, give a firm handshake and repeat their name. When your manager says “I would like you to meet Eric,” respond with “Hello Eric, it’s nice to meet you” or “Hi Eric, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” By repeating someone name, you’ll be more likely to remember it.

Pay attention

When your responsibilities are listed and the work is explained, listen carefully and make notes. Don’t assume that you’ll remember this or that, you’ll have so much to learn, taking notes will be imperative. Don’t rely on lose pieces of paper, but give preference to a book, that way all your information stays together. Other than for your own benefit, taking notes will show your supervisor that you’re serious about learning.

Pace yourself

As you’re trying to cope with a new job, don’t get stressed out if you encounter difficulties. Management and colleagues alike don’t expect perfection from the first day.

Cellphone service

Last but not least, turn your cellphone off. Keep your mind on your job. If someone calls and it’s important, they’ll leave a voicemail.


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