Important Questions to Inquire Before Buying Software

You have questions? Don’t forget to ask them when purchasing software!

Any business that is looking for ways to streamline its everyday business processes should have business software. The process of purchasing a software is an essential one and needs careful considerations and several things need to be look into. Remember you are looking for something that must bring more benefits to your business and its something that will cost your business so you should not just give in to the first software developer you come across or even go with the one your friend has recommended. You might do that and after some few days of using the software, you find out that it isn’t meeting your business needs.

It is imperative to note that, buying the software can be costly as well as sustaining it. To avoid making blunders now that you’ll pay for months or even years later, ask your software seller these 7 questions.

  1. What governs the software worth?

The price of software is determined in numerous ways. It can be Per Seat, Per Operator or Per Computer. The most know ways are Per Seat or Per Simultaneous Operator. Per Seat is measured on how many seats in your company will be utilizing the software at any given instance. Moreover, Per Simultaneous Operator is determined on a set amount of operators that can use the software at a go. This is to say that, when you install the software on 20 computers but only a maximum of 5 users can access the system at a go we say it is Per Concurrent Operator. Per Machine is based on the number of computers or servers the software will be executed on. Many big software vendors use this method to determine the cost of the software.

  1. Does the software company offer contract of any kind?

This is a question that you must ask the software vendor before you purchase it. Ensure to inquire about software as well as support contracts. Some companies don’t offer software contracts; however, they will allow you to sign a support contract for a period of 6 months to one year. This implies that if you are unsatisfied with the software or if you want to shut down your business you will still continue paying your monthly support costs. Get more information about software development from Softarex Company.

  1. What time does it take for you to fix bugs?

Here you need to be careful as some companies will promise you heaven which you will never reach. Some software companies will tell you they have a turnaround time for fixing bugs and they will tell you to make them know in case you find a bug for the to fix it immediately.  Some companies have ways of scheduling bug fixes so that when you find one it is fixed automatically, this can be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly.

All these ways are good or bad. What is important is to ensure you are dealing with a reliable and reputable software company that sticks to their word.


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