How You Can Get More Attendees to Your Event

An event is worth nothing if no one shows up to it, and with more and more being scheduled in a variety of niches, you need to know that you can attract the right people and make it a success. This is why you need to have a comprehensive strategy in place well beforehand so you can plan ticket sales, marketing, and more long before the event ever takes place.

Here is how you can attract more attendees to your event while increasing ticket sales and gaining interest.


Make a pre-sale available

Long before your event takes place, you should think about making sure that interested attendees have a place where they can access tickets before the main sale. Not only does this encourage them to take a look at what you’re offering since you might include a lower price, but it also promotes your event several weeks or months before it actually takes place. This can help to build help and create an asset that others can share with potential attendees.


Consider your marketing strategy

Likewise, you’ll want to consider how you are going to market your event and get the word out. Whether this means running a number of Facebook ads or building an event page on a social media platform or doing some PR outreach to radio and TV, you want to know that you are doing the most you can when it comes to encouraging attendees to check out the event. Your marketing strategy is probably going to be the biggest indicator of whether or not your event will be a success or not.


Make the checkout process simple

Once your potential attendees reach the checkout page, you want to make sure that they have the opportunity to stay on your site. Instead of having them go to a third party, use WordPress event registration in order to increase your profits and to discourage the reselling of tickets. You will also want to make things as simple as possible by having a fast, secure website where they can complete the checkout process as quickly as possible. This is more likely to keep customers on your website and keep them from second guessing their purchase.


Offer several packages

You might also want to make several types of packages to encourage different types of clients. You might want to offer some VIP tickets that will allow them access to the after events or the opportunity to meet some of the speakers or artists at your event. Not only does this encourage them to spend a little more, but it also attracts a number of types of customers rather than just one. Make sure to include these as an option on your sales page.


In summary

When you want to attract attendees to your event, you want to make sure you have planned well in advance and that you have the proper systems in place. Just in case, double check your funnel and do the maximum possible when it comes to promotion.

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