How to Choose a Mouse

There are many mouses on the market now. For some people who do not understand electronic products at all, it will be difficult to buy a right mouse. They may buy whichever one looks good. However, many mouses that are not suitable for you can cause the burden on your wrist. It will increase and hurt your wrist when you use them. For example, we know the mouse hand. Although it is not a disease, is the most common harm caused by using a mouse that is not suitable. 

Nowadays, some office workers need to stay in front of the computer all day. Holding and using the mouse for a long time can lead to hand problems. So a suitable, correct and wrist-free mouse is indispensable. How to choose a right mouse? We can find the answer according to the following aspects: 

  1. Length of your palm 

Pay attention to the size of the mouse. When you choose a mouse, you need to pay attention to the length and application range of the mouse. Some brands of mice are larger than the normal standard. Excessive mouses are laborious. And it is hard to hold it. This kind of mouse is uncomfortable. You would better to buy a mouse of length within 125 mm. And the width should not exceed 72 mm. The height should not exceed 43mm. Otherwise you will become a mouse hand.

  1. The holding posture of mouse

When holding the mouse, the root of the palm should resist the tail of the mouse. The palm is suspended and the first joint of the finger is slightly bent. The larger the area of the wrist touching the mouse, the easier it will be to relieve fatigue. 

Pinch grip is that the palm and palm of the hand do not touch the mouse, and hold the mouse with your fingers. This grip method is suitable for short mouse. You would better match the mouse with a wrist pad. Because the burden of gripping is relatively large.

  1. Type of Mouses 

There are two types of mouses on the market. They are game mouse and office mouse. In order to cope with complex game scenes, game mouses have many additional function keys. These keys are DPI adjustment, function side keys beside the mouse, and cool RGB light effects. These are the favorite places for game lovers. The office mouse is very simple, lightweight and integrated design and high-end paint finish technology. The texture of office mouse feels so good. If it is for games and daily use, the game mouse is suitable for you. If it is a professional business office industry, the office mouse is your only choice. 

  1. Price 

No matter what you choose, the price is our first reference factor. The price of game mouse on the market is the most expensive. Because of its extra functions, workmanship and performance, slightly better game mouse need more than 60 dollars. We can take Logitech, HP, ALIENWARE, Razer for example. Office mouses do not need such extra functions. So it is well pried. For example, HONOR Bluetooth Mouse price is around 30 $. The price is low but the feeling is good. There is no doubt about its convenience. 

When choosing a mouse, you should consider from different aspects. And then you can choose a mouse with high cost performance. And you can avoid many problems in the course of using.

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