How Long Does It Take to Get a Tax ID Number?

Applying for your tax identification number is a crucial step in getting your business up and running. The fact is, you can’t report your taxes or pay them without it, and that includes taxes for your employees. For many businesses, this means that obtaining a federal tax ID number could delay operations for the whole company. Luckily, it’s not a lengthy process if it’s navigated with care. That’s where having help is important, and IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service has become a key provider of that help to many small businesses.


Applications Accepted in Days


When you file online for a Louisiana tax ID number, you have the opportunity to find out about your EIN through email. This means you will know sooner if there are issues with the application, and that lets you get them fixed without experiencing any delays to your scheduled opening date. It also means you will have your ID number within a couple of days if your application has no errors. The IRS typically issues tax identification numbers in 48 to 72 hours.


When Will Paper Notices Be Sent?


Your official hard copy notification of your tax identification number might take up to a month to arrive at your company’s door. That’s because it takes time for the new number to be processed into the various databases that need to register it, and that includes the one that orders the copy to be printed and sent to you. The upside of an online application is that you at least know your number before it arrives.


When Can the Number Be Used?


You can use your EIN right away on your paperwork, but it might be a couple weeks after registration before it is fully reflected in government databases. That shouldn’t deter you from using it, though, and it will be fully active in all government records by the time you receive your letter from the IRS.


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