Twitter Marketing Tips for 2018

Social media growth has had an undeniable positive impact on both individual lives and business operations, according to Nick Gramatikov, CTO at Digitawise Los Angeles. With more platforms emerging, you can expect businesses to flourish with increasing connection and networking around the globe. Currently, more enterprises have embraced social media platforms as powerful marketing tools with the ability to cut across geographical boundaries.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become household names as far as marketing and branding are concerned. In fact, Twitter’s open or public nature has made it a favorite for sharing customer service-related issues, which is no minor feat.  Since your Tweets are available for all people to see, the platform has proven to be ideal for brand marketing. Here are some Twitter marketing tips for 2018 that can take your business or brand to a higher level.

1.Create a Twitter Bio that Can Garner you a Huge Following

As a Twitter marketer, ensure that your company’s Twitter bio gives a comprehensive insight into its operations. It ought to capture details like who you are, what you offer and what you do.  Also, make sure that the bio incorporates a link to your company’s website or landing page.

2.Tweet and Post Regularly

Regardless of how inspiring or engaging your current post is, it will soon be forgotten. For this reason, you will need to post or tweet more content to depict an active profile on Twitter. The beauty of consistent posting and regular tweeting is that it gives you an opportunity to keep up with your influencers, listeners, competitors, and followers while building credibility.

3.Take Advantage of Twitter’s Retweet Feature

Thanks to the retweet feature, you have the opportunity to not only cultivate trustworthiness but also create social capital. By retweeting another person’s tweet, you increase your chances of being noticed since the account owner will receive a notification. Retweeting tweets by renowned influencers can also help you create valuable business relationships.

4.Interact and Respond to Queries or Complaints

Twitter has a reputation for being the preferred platform for consumers to call out brands. As such, make it your mission as a marketer to keep track of your brand keywords and mentions.  Doing so will keep you abreast of what other parties are saying regarding your enterprise. Also, since most consumers seek responses to their queries or complaints on Twitter, be ready to reply politely and positively.

Aside from replying to queries, thank those consumers who praise your products or services, for instance by retweeting their messages. Avoid being disrespectful when responding to avoid a backlash from other people, which may ruin your brand’s reputation.

5.Ensure that your Content Comes with a Hashtag

Hashtags (#) have become popular characters in most tweets and posts on Twitter. Since the platform hyperlinks the hashtags automatically, try to organize your tweets around a particular topic or keyword.  Hyperlinking allows you and other Twitter users to click and get all the details regarding where the hashtag was used. Therefore, hashtags have proven to be convenient ways of locating potential customers who may want to purchase your commodities.

6.Share more Videos and Images

Aside from just tweeting, share videos and images. Both tools possess the ability to explain complicated concepts, grab attention and promote viral content.  In fact, you will notice tweets with videos links, images, and animated gifs get more retweets than those with plain text. Hence, including such content will help you promote your brand more effectively.

Utilize these pointers to revamp your company’s Twitter presence and grow your brand. You can also observe what other successful brands or marketers are doing to get a competitive advantage.

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