Gem4me Results for 2022: now more than just a messenger

2022 was one of the most productive years for Gem4me: the application gained a wide range of new features and greatly improved. 

When quantity turns into quality 

When a messenger receives a marketplace, then it gains a blog platform, a news feed and an advertising grid – at that point the application is far from being a messenger, more like a social network. Developers consider it as their child – a platform for self-realization on which anyone can do what they enjoy the most: read or host blogs, conduct or watch live broadcasts, purchase or sell and much more. 

What users enjoy 

Developers introduced more than 12 releases over the course of 2022 and unveiled close to a hundred of various useful features, although users truly enjoyed the ability to read transcriptions of voice messages they receive. Perhaps due to the fact that other messengers offer this service for a fee or don’t even have it in general.  

Bloggers were most happy about the introduction of the donations button. The feature was introduced in the spring, exactly at the time when many were experiencing financial hardship and it helped many overcome the difficult period of adapting to new conditions. Additionally, comments in blogs also turned out to be quite in demand as well. 

In 2023

Developers are preparing a surprise to unveil for users next year. New functions will permanently make Gem4me an ecosystem that will substitute a dozen of other applications. There are no details released yet, although we should see something in the spring.

One of the most major known plans is completion of Gem4me Ads development, which will allow for channel owners to earn by advertising within. Of course, that is not all and as the developers write in their weekly blog, stay in touch to be one of the first to learn of the latest developments 😉

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