CISS printers – from professional use to home use

 We all are well aware of the two major traditional printing systems, the inkjet printers and the laser printers but guess what? There is a third type too which is way more cost effective than the traditional ones and it provides high quality prints too. Yes, here we are talking about the CISS printers that are currently the talk of the town.

If you haven’t yet heard of the CISS printers then worry and just stick to this article a little longer because today we are going to tell you everything about this type, what it is and how it can be helpful in home and professional use.

CISS also known as Continuous Ink Supply System works on the mechanism of providing continuous ink to a special ink cartridge and all of this process of providing ink is carried out by different capillaries that are attached through an external reservoir. CISS printers resemble inkjet printers a lot but the only major difference is that when it comes to the CISS printers, they don’t rely on the ink cartridges in fact there are ink tanks in these printers that have the capacity to store almost 70 ml of ink. These exact ink tanks are connected to the print heads by rubber tunes. The CISS printer inks are sold separately in the form of bottles and each bottle costs around $7 and have almost 100 ml per recipient. There are different types of CISS printers so the ink you want or buy depends on the type of printer you own. The best thing about these printers is that one ink tank can last for almost one year which means that these printers are very cost effective and you can save up to 95% of your money as compared to the inkjet printers. For more information check out Petagadget.

Right now almost all the professional printing workshops are using the CISS printer mainly due to the cost effectiveness but now this trend is shifting from the professional workshops to the home use too. When it comes to the home use check best printer for home use, people have started retrofitting their inkjet printers by connecting a third party ink tank to their cartridges calling them the “CISS printers”. Well, this can help them decrease the printing cost but then again this retrofitting can be a little mess for you if you are going to do it all by yourself. You see there is no doubt in the fact that installing a CISS printer can be a lot of hassle but if you are going to use your old printer as a CISS printer then you better take help from a professional or else you will end up destroying your inkjet printer. Also, you have to be careful with a retrofitted printer because it can have the same issues as you have to face when you use a Reafield cartridge. In simpler words, you just have to seek help from a professional to attach a third party ink tank to your inkjet printer.

The Trend of CISS Printers & How It All Started

 How the manufacturing of CISS printers started is a funny story. CISS printers were first introduced by Epson and this all started when the company noticed that a lot of people started buying the older and the cheaper models of their company from the repair shops and the sales of these models was increasing on a rapid pace. The company was unable to figure out the reason why people were so interested in the to be repaired printers. Well, some people from Epson went to those repair shops that were selling these old printers and they got to know that people are actually buying these cheap printers and using them as CISS printers by attaching ink tanks with them. Well, this was something shocking yet interesting for the company and they had two options, they could have ignored this trend and continues to sale their advanced inkjet printers or they could have started their own CISS printers line. Well, the company went for the second option and that is how Epson became the first company to manufacture CISS printers. They recognized this earlier that CISS printers were the future and this was a good chance for them to grab as much market share as they could.

Epson is yet manufacturing the inkjet printers but they are slowly shifting to the CISS ones completely. Now as far as the other brands are concerned, well, all Canon, Panasonic and HP are following the footsteps of Epson and they are yet testing their CISS printers in the Asia and Eastern Europe market.

Even at this moment there are a few old companies that have ignored the trend of CISS printers and they are still selling overpriced cartridges which is obviously a stupidity because who would want to spend so much on ink cartridges where there is a more efficient and cost effective printing system in the form of CISS.

One thing that you should know is that CISS printers are a good option only for those people who have to print documents and images in bulk. Only then this system is going to save you a lot of money if you’ve got a lot of printing to be done on daily basis. But if you are someone who has to use the printer once or twice a month then no CISS is not a good option for you and the traditional printers will work fine for you as you won’t have to change the cartridges or buy new ink every other day. So, before you make any decision, do take a look at your usage of your printer.

CISS printers are an amazing option for businesses, schools, professionals, students and photographers etc because they’ve got a lot of printing to be done on daily basis and in this case CISS can save you around 95% of the money when compared to the traditional printers. So, if you think you need a cost effective printing that provides high quality prints then yes, you’ve got to shift on CISS as soon as possible.

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