An In-Depth Look at the iPhone X

It is amazing to think that the iPhone has been around in one form or another for a decade. On the tenth anniversary of this iconic brand, Apple has decided to release its latest flagship model. Let’s take a quick look at the tenth version to appreciate what is in store as well to to enable customers to make informed decisions in advance of a purchase.

The Price

One of the constants of Apple devices is that they are priced quite high. The X is certainly no different. Basic models equipped with 64 gigabytes of memory will cost the consumer approximately £999 pounds. However, those who are looking to upgrade to 256 gigabytes will have to shell out £1,149 pounds.

The main question is that whether all of the bells and whistles associated with this newer version are worth the cost. Indeed, the X is £200 pounds more expensive than the iPhone 8 and some consumers feel that the overall differences are negligible. Other believe that this phone is on par with competitive models such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel 2XL. The only way to determine if these statements are true is to take a closer look.

The Display Size and Functionality

The most noticeable difference (and the largest advantage) is the screen size. Having increased dramatically when compared to previous versions, those who are interested in a greater degree of visual freedom will certainly be pleased. In the same respect, the upper and lower bezels have been nearly removed altogether. This provides the phone with an extremely smooth feel.

However, this display is not without its share of drawbacks. Users will be somewhat disappointed to learn that the home button has been removed from its configuration. As this was a staple of this model since its inception, loyal clients may have a bit of catching up to do. This also means that the sidebar will need to be employed much more frequently. However, both the fingerprint scanner and the facial recognition sensor have remained in place.


Colours and Feel

Anyone who was annoyed at the weight associated with the iPhone 8 will enjoy the feel of this newer version. At only 174 grams, it weighs slightly less than the previous model. It is currently available in tones of either silver or grey. So, hues such as rose gold seem to be mere visions for the time being. Its stainless steel frame is quite sturdy and while the back panel is now comprised of high-impact glass, wireless charging times have been substantially reduced.


Processing Power

It should come as no surprise that Apple has incorporated the A11 Bionic chip within this handset; it is present in other 2017 iPhones. However, there are now six cores as opposed to four. This has dramatically enhanced its overall processing power. It is also useful during times when multiple applications are open simultaneously, as operations and speeds will not be hindered. The GPU is also said to be 30 per cent faster when compared to previous variants; perfect for gamers and fans of HD streaming videos.


Additional Features

Other useful functions include a dual camera setup, TrueDepth face tracking software, the use of new hand gestures and the capability to handle 4K video playback at 60 frames per second. If this model still feels out of your financial league, be sure to visit Broadband Choices. You will be able to encounter money-saving deals on previous Apple phones as well as a host of contractual plans to choose from.


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