A Great Company for Shipping a Long Distance

It can be difficult enough just to move a few pieces of furniture from one room to another, let alone a long distance. So, what if you need to send a couch, bookcase, end table, or chair across the country or to another country altogether? The solution of shipping furniture long distances is to let Ship Smart take care of everything, from the initial shipping preparations to delivery at the preferred location.

All Types of Furniture Shipped

Ship Smart is your go-to choice for any type of home or business-related furniture shipping. We have established relationships with many different carriers, which allows us to accommodate many different furniture shipping needs quickly, conveniently, and efficiently. We can also help you save time, frustration, and money when shipping:

• Furniture to buyers on online auction sites like eBay
• Valuable pieces of furniture you don’t want to trust a moving company to get where it has to go
• Furniture that has to be at a certain location on a specific date
• Vintage or delicate furniture that will require extra attention to detail when shipped

Stress-Free Pre-Shipping Packing

Whether it’s a single sofa, a decorative chair, or an entire dining room set that needs to be shipped a long distance, our trained team will determine the most appropriate way to pack your furniture. Our professional shippers use packing methods that are designed to protect furniture from the moment it’s prepared for shipping to the moment it arrives at the specified location.

Furniture Shipping Your Way

You’ll have the opportunity to discuss any specific furniture shipping requests you may have during your initial discussion with one of our representatives. We’ll then offer suggestions on how to best complete the shipping process. We’ll also ensure any questions you may have about how your furniture will be packed and shipped will be fully and respectfully answered.

Budget-Friendly Long-Distance Furniture Shipping

No matter how much furniture you need to ship, you’ll find our rates fair. Only have a few pieces of furniture to ship? We offer discounts sure to be appreciated for simple moves of this nature. You’ll also find our services more budget-friendly than typical do-it-yourself furniture shipping options. Our up-front, reasonable pricing can be even more appealing if you periodically need to ship furniture pieces as part of your regular business operations.

No Minimum Charges

Other than our reasonable rates, what makes our services cost-effective for both residential and commercial customers is the fact that we have no minimum charges. Some moving companies have minimum charges when it comes to the number of hours you’ll have to pay for even if the moving process is completed sooner. Because of our shipping process, this isn’t an issue. You also won’t have to worry about hidden fees and other surprises with rates.

Whether shipping furniture is something you do as part of your business, or you’re just looking for an affordable and reliable way to send one or two pieces to a friend or another home hundreds or thousands of miles away, Ship Smart can streamline the process for you. Before you commit to anything, we’ll gladly get you started with an estimate. Contact us today to learn more about our long-distance furniture moving capabilities.


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