7 Tips on How to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Your website is the face of your company. It is the first thing potential clients will look up when they consider your services. Just like you stress about first impressions in real life, you should care about them when it comes to the website that represents your business. Improving the efficiency, functionality and accessibility of your website and caring about giving your clients good impression is known as UX, or user experience. It is the first thing you should keep in mind when creating or redesigning your website. We have collaborated with BedRock IT experts and collected some helpful tips to improve your website’s user experience:

Improve the loading speed

In the golden age of multitasking and speed-everything, no visitor will wait more than 3 seconds for your website to load. A survey conducted on more than 2500 online users found that 87% of the users would abandon the site after 2-second delay in load time during a transaction. So it is really important to check the loading speed of your website and there are free tools available for that, like Google’s PageSpeed Insights. The speed of the website also affects its ranking on search engines. Therefore, to ensure happy customers and a highly ranked website, improve that speed.

It has to be mobile friendly

Navigating a desktop-sized website using a mobile phone has to be one of the most frustrating experiences in modern times. You need to optimize your website and make it mobile friendly before you lose clients, leads and before your rank on Google goes south. You should adopt a responsive web design so your site loads properly on all phones, tablets and computers.

Make it interactive

To stay on top of your game and ensure the best UX, your website has to be interactive.  It will be more interesting and users will become more engaged if you publish some quizzes and polls, send captivating newsletters, provide customer support, ask for feedback or even offer gifts and sales. These steps can also be used as marketing tools and attract more leads.

Check the readability

A simple yet an extremely important tip: make sure your website is readable. What is the use of witty unique content when it is difficult to read! You need to guarantee that your message reaches its goals by improving the readability and comprehension of your websites. You only need to makes simple changes to achieve the best legibility, including choosing the right colors, fonts and size, keeping paragraphs short as well as using a clear straightforward language.

Give it a visual appeal

Visual appeal is an extremely significant aspect in web designing. It is the pillar that your website should be constructed around. Do not let its importance scare you, achieving a successful visual appeal is not impossible. You just need to make your website aesthetic and attracting by employing a smart balance of usability and creativity. You can always hire a tech-savvy web designing company and get the job done professionally.

Stay away from pop ups and overlays

Avoid any unnecessary elements that might crowd your website and make it untrustworthy. Pop ups, blinking banners, overlayers, and unnecessary ads will annoy your visitors and make them question the credibility of your site. Only keep necessary elements and give your users a room to breathe by employing white space efficiently. You want your website to be well-structured, well-spaced and easily navigated.

Make it an experience

Users visiting your website should leave it with what they were searching for, and more. Provide them what they want, employ every trick available, from creating a witty content to making the website easily navigable and they will happily return again and again. Use UX effectively and your website will leave the lasting impression you were looking for.

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