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You’ve designed a website with wonderful themes and looks amazing on a particular browser. But what if it doesn’t work on the other web browsers? Yes! You’ll lose a returning visitor. For instance, consider a scenario where your website performs well on Safari and Firefox but doesn’t look stunning across internet explorer. There are even users who like to use internet explorer and it didn’t fade away. So what will happen when the viewer wants to visit your website on IE. There are high chances of losing a targeted user.

To secure your website and web application operate accurately on all browsers, cross-browser testing is essential. As numerous browsers respond differently, in this case, there will be bottlenecks and errors in the functionalities, features, and layouts. You may end up saying, you use traditional testing methods.

Well, if you opt for traditional cross-browser testing, then you need to load your website on numerous personal computers, desktops or mobile devices and run the test cases in different scenarios. But the success purely depends on the number of computers or mobile devices you purchase. Moreover, it should be compatible with different operating systems and browsers. Currently, there are different browsers, with multiple versions and operating systems, so it becomes difficult to test your app on individual devices and consumes a lot of time and cost.

With this, as a blessing in disguise came many tools that counterfeit browsers and let you test your application and determine how smoothly it functions on various browsers, resolution, and platform. One such website testing application is Comparium.

About Comparium

Comparium is versatile and modern website testing tool which scans and tests your site daily. Save time by testing your desktop, production and different web browsers with automated test suites. You need not consider the individual test suits manually. Irrespective of the number of web pages, it provides valuable insights and statistics about the changes to be done. Their main aim is to deliver a similar user experience with all the combinations that help in getting more web clients. The speciality of Comparium is to check the compatibility of web pages in a fraction of minutes. This is their initial step and more versions to come up in the future. The first version is very convenient to use.

Supports various browsers, platforms and version

If you have any browser compatibility errors, check it with Comparium. The most common web browsers are

  • Google Chrome 73.0, 74.0, and 75.0
  • Safari 11.0
  • Internet Explorer compatibility with 11.0 and 8.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 67.0 and 68.0

Amidst the browser compatibility testing, it also offers visual testing among all the different browsers. In fact, you can take screenshots on multiple configurations and devices.  It has an understandable user interface which can be functioned seamlessly. Not to mention, you can gain access to any of the popular OS, and eliminate possible errors that can arise in different scenarios. Comparium supports the following operating system

Windows 7,10

Mac OS X Mojave


High Sierra

Test the results offline via e-mail

The first version of Comparium is very easy and user-interactive. Just provide a web link that needs to be tested and email address to send emails offline. No need to spend long hours, simply to take the screenshots of the results.

Different Versions

The first version is very simple to use by any web designers. This will be rolled out by the year-end with its full-functions.

The second version supports the client with selenium scripts to tests various scenarios and allows you to schedule offline tests also. Selenium is usually used to automate the testing process across different web browsers. It supports Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE and all the major languages like Java, Python, C#, Perl and Ruby. It allows automated functional tests and there is no need to learn any scripting language. You can even schedule offline tests also.

Version 2.5 is equipped with real-time web testing on a desktop and supports any version of the browsers.

And at version 3, there are more advanced features will be released. Accordingly, there will be 3 types of pricing plans that are to be rolled out. It comprises of free, pro and enterprise plans. This version also gives access to API.

Pricing for version 1

The present version, i.e, the first version is freely distributed. But if you want any additional features then you need to pay which the firm decisions have not been taken yet.


Creating websites that perform across all the various browsers is a challenging task. There are different devices, platforms, operating systems and browsers. Which signifies the number of internet users has increased on a daily basis. That is why cross-browser testing has become a major task. End-users using different browsers can flawlessly access your websites if it is cross-browser tested. Once this is assured, then users have a consistent experience irrespective of the operating system or browser you’re on. For this reason, while designing a website there should be thorough testing. So that if you find any bugs, you can quickly detect and start working on it. For this reason, many tools have come into existence. One such tool is Comparium which is set to be launched this year. Sign up for it and get notified about the process at the earliest.






































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