4 Ways to Skyrocket your Service Business Revenue

Service businesses are complex and hard to run. 

More often than not, you are on the ground floor running the operation and conducting the services, as well as managing the business behind the scenes. 

It’s more than a full-time job to manage bookings, keep clients happy, schedule invoices, manage finances, and most importantly: serve the client! 

Here are four ways you can better manage your service business to increase revenue fast. 

1. Create a Content Strategy Plan 

As a service business, clients can come an go. They may only need your service once every month, year, or even a few years. 

Client churn is a real problem, and leads need to constantly be coming through the door to sustain your profits and revenue. 

A great way to ensure your business is known in the community is to develop a content strategy plan.

Things like blog posts, podcasts, and videos can help you bring in new business. 

To start, launch a podcast. All you need is a microphone, a computer, and access to the internet. From there, you can upload your podcast and start marketing it. 

What can you podcast about?

Nearly anything! Start by covering topics or questions that you commonly get asked. Look for pain points that customers bring up and address them on your podcast. 

Next, start creating blog content. 

Do a Google search for a keyword that you think your customers are looking for. 

Inspect the content to grab ideas: 

Start writing useful and helpful content to address these topics. This will help you establish your brand as an authority in your service business space.

Using writing apps, you can refine your tone, style, and length to ensure your content is readable and flawless. 


2. Use the Right Business Management Software

Service businesses are just like any other business that makes money:

They need to manage booking, clients, marketing, invoicing, sales, emails, and more. 

The only problem is: managing all of that without software is nearly impossible. You are almost guaranteed to let clients slip through the cracks or deliver worse customer service. 

Instead, let business software handle the heavy lifting for you. 

For instance, with Housecall Pro, a software designed specifically for service businesses, you can manage all of those important factors in a single location:

No more juggling spreadsheets and a dozen tools to get the job done. 

Using a complete software for your service business can improve efficiency, customer reviews, and your sanity. 

3. Diversify Your Blog Content

As a service business, you need a website, and you likely have one. 

But, do you have a blog that is filled with helpful content? Blog posts that are enjoyable to read?

If not, now is the time. 

What do you blog about? 

Write something truly captivating and unique, for example, this travel blog wrote about saving over $3,000 on a vacation to Italy.

Write a post about how you saved your client money, or how your unique outlook helped solve a problem. 

Diversify your content to start building brand awareness and organic traffic that can fuel your lead generation. 


4. Utilize Social Media 

Billions of people worldwide use social media daily.

Now, social media has become a force of nature that any business can take advantage of. 

For example, with social media you can quickly discover potential customers with a single search: 

Searching for plumbing tips, the second tweet is a person asking for tips on replacing their carpet and plumbing, too.

That’s a customer waiting to happen! 

Social media is more than just Instagram pictures and status updates, it’s a lead generation tool for your business. 

Start building out your business profile and responding to people who are facing problems that you can solve. 

Concluding Thoughts

Running a service business that is profitable isn’t easy. It requires a more diverse attack on all fronts, both online and offline.

Put these tips to use to start growing your service business revenue.

What are some of your best tips that have helped you grow your service revenue? 

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