4 Ways to Gain a Competitive Edge in Retail

The highly competitive nature of retail often makes it difficult for newer businesses to achieve equal footing with established competitors. Smaller retailers need to be able to identify market trends and implement new business practices if they hope to gain a competitive edge.

As such, it’s important that retailers are constantly on the lookout for new ways improve their business like using best retail pos systems and willing to make the changes necessary to achieve success. In this article, we take a look at 5 ways that small retailers can stand toe-to-toe with the competition.

Hire a retail consultant

While hiring a retail business consultant can sometimes be expensive, it is a sure-fire way to discover your strengths and weaknesses, as well as hidden opportunities. A retail consulting firm can provide deep insight into your business and uncover a clear path to improvement.

Consultants will examine your current operations, diagnose the cause of your problems and propose effective solutions to fix them. As outsiders, their point of view is more likely to be objective and they won’t hesitate to give you the constructive criticism you need to move forward.

Implement mobile technologies

Mobile retail commerce sales in the United States are expected to account for over half of all purchases in the ecommerce market by 2021. Every leading brand has already implemented the mobile capabilities necessary to tap into the full potential of the market, and for good reason.

With a mobile application, your business will gain access to valuable consumer data, from customer behaviours and preferences to location statistics, that can be used to improve your business processes. Moreover, you can improve your customer experience by giving them a central hub for interacting with your business, all from the convenience of their smartphones.

Get a cloud-based POS

Is your business still running a legacy Point of Sale system ? It may be time to consider moving to the cloud.

For one thing, cloud-based systems receive automatic system updates to conform to new technologies. Even more desirable is their ability to capture important business performance information that you can review to make refinements.

Cloud-based data is also automatically backed up, preventing you from losing crucial information due to hardware failure. You can also access the information at any time, no matter where you are located.

Deliver a unique customer experience

Customer relationships are the backbone of any successful retail outfit. In light of this, the importance of delivering a unique experience to your customers cannot be overstated.

This largelyinvolves discovering what you can offer that your competitors aren’t currently providing. You want your business to be memorable and hold enough consumer attention to spread far and wide.

Everything from your store design to your social media content matters here. Customers should not only be able to recognize your brand, but be compelled to interact with it regularly. Aim to deliver a consistent and comprehensive customer experience at every level of your business, both online and offline.


Thriving in the retail environment can often feel like a game of cat-and-mouse, but with the right guidance and implementations, your retail business can see success beyond your wildest expectations. A strong combination of technology and expertise will get you well on your way to competing effectively.

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