4 Instagram Tips to Boost Your Marketing

The popular network named as Instagram is based on just some simple things. It is a photo and video sharing social network. People share their selfies, their high lives, their late night parties, daily grinds and whatnot on Instagram. Moreover, Instagram is also famous for people who love photography, aspiring photographers, models, fashion designers, artists, models and even professional camera operators. People go to great distances, chilling heights, frightening climbs and mesmerizing landscapes just to get that perfect shot. All of them share their creativity behind the lens with the world.

Where a photo is worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more. Videographers, cinematographers, viners, tutorial makers, make-up artists, DIY (Do It Yourself) artists and video bloggers, Instagram, is famous for them all. They always strive to create the most engaging and exciting video for their followers. The people with the most appealing content gain followers on Instagram fast.

The possibilities with images and videos are endless. Therefore, Instagram is also becoming a hub of marketing of products relating to all those talented people on it. And marketing on Instagram is quite successful provided one knows how Instagram works; otherwise they can also cause failure to themselves. Well, worry not, we have curated some tips for all those aspiring Instagram marketers out there to increase their chances of reaching new heights in success.


Hashtags define trends on Instagram. They tell what all the fuss is about. They are engaging, and most to the Instagrammers seem to follow them. It is quite convenient to use them in your posts in a creative way. This way your advert posts will also be featured and will get considerably more views.

Using popular hashtags is good indeed, but you must not resort only to this. A brand must have his hashtag which would define him. This hashtag should go with every post of this business. So, this way, when a person clicks on your hashtag, he gets to see all of your posts.


It is always good to collaborate. Collaborate with businesses who have similar interests as those of you. Collaboration increases your chances of success as it brings in more support. When you collaborate with a business, mention it in a post and add some kind words like “it was good working with them” or “so excited to reveal the product which was created with the assistance… ” etc. etc. You get the idea.

Now you may be wondering how is it good for Instagram marketing. Well, when you post and mention the business whom you are working with, it induces curiosity to people’s mind. People wonder what’s cooking, what are they trying to achieve and what exactly are they trying to pull off. When they question, they wait for the product to come. Furthermore, mention that business means inviting each other’s traffics to visit other business’s page. As a result, the following on each of the business’s account increases.

Healthy Competitions

Hashtags make us do a lot of weird stuff. Remember the #icebucketchallenge or #powpowchallenge? But each one of them is fun, right? This is the idea behind the competitions, to do marketing by making people participate and have a good time.

For example, many brands ask their followers to post their picture with the products they have bought from that brand with a specific hashtag and get a chance to enter a lucky draw where they can win exciting prizes. Well, to be honest, the lucky draw thing seems quite old, and many people consider it to be fake. Some other brands offer to feature selected participants on their social media accounts. Featuring means tons of new followers on Instagram. So, every Insta user comes flocking and follows the steps in hopes of getting featured. The brand features one or two and in turn, does a fantastic amount of free advertisement.

Show the Fun Side

Giving an insider look of your business is good. Show the customers through images or videos how hard the employees work to deliver the best services and products to their valuable buyers. Furthermore, add a little bit factor of fun to it. Share a picture of an employee dozing during work hours. Share someone slipping over the wet floor. Share the casual and light side of your business. This gives the followers a personal feel and attachment with that business.

Instagram is a great place to market and promote your brand or stuff. If you have learned how Instagram works, there is no better place to promote your brand. Knowing it is the key to getting the most out of it.

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