10 Reasons to Use An Event App

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, virtual events are becoming an important part of everyone’s life. It sounds like virtual events will stay forever. Virtual events will be exciting and engaging similar to in-person events. Also, they have the ability to bring a wider audience to one place. Travel costs and health problems might prevent participants from attending the in-person event. Thanks to virtual events! People can attend from anywhere according to their comfort.

Switching to virtual events means you can save money and time, you’re not spending money for the venue, staff, travel, etc. Ultimately, you can reduce expenses while concentrating more on creating an excellent event possible. Also, tracking your attendee’s activities is easier with the best event app. As per analysis, over 63% of businesses are using event apps for their conference, trade shows, client meetings, job fairs and more.

Understanding the importance of event planning apps can be tricky specifically if you’re a newbie to mobile technology. There are countless benefits for an event organizer using an event app. After all, an event app can be another expense that is worth it. Because the best event app will ensure you run a successful event with minimal workload and stress.

Let’s examine the top reasons to use an event app for your future events.


Event content reside under one-roof

Event content plays a prominent role to make your event successful. All the event-related content will stay under one roof. The content includes the event schedule period, professional speakers, sponsors, number of sessions, exhibitors and almost everything. The content is not available for just an event day, it’s available for one year. It means attendees or participants will have access to the event afterwards. Most participants watch the events whenever they get enough time to watch.


Attendees spend more time on mobiles

This is absolutely true! Participants spend their maximum time watching their mobile screen. It is the best place to stay connected with your participants. If you lose the connection, you will probably miss something great.

According to research, 87% of people spend every day on mobile phones. Americans spent around 4 hours on mobile apps. So, meet your participant on their mobile without any hassles.


Save more money

From ordering meals to booking venues, organizing an in-person event can be wrapped up with hefty charges. With the best event app, you can save a lot of money. Integrating participant registration and also ticketing into your event app can cut back on your staffing. You don’t need to hire a social media manager, photographer, web designer, etc.

Minimizing your printing cost is another way to save money. From brochures to check-in lists, an event app can integrate every service for you. With the real-time updates and in-app check-in functionalities, you can save money on printing costs.



An in-person event doesn’t guarantee proper feedback. But with the event app, you can get complete feedback from your participants. The feature allows event planners to create a survey. The planner can ask for a set of questions and choose between multiple choice answers or text answers. Irrespective of the time, you can send a survey form to your participant, it can be before or after an event. The feedback will help you to gather valuable information about your event. Participants can express their views and opinions openly on the feedback page.


Real-time polling

It’s no surprise that real-time polling can be an excellent feature to engage with your audience. Event planners will have a clear picture of participants’ opinions about the currency decision through real-time polling. You don’t need to wait for a longer time to know about participants’ opinions. This feature sounds amazing! You can create as many real-time polls as required. Furthermore, event organizers need to send push notifications to their participants to notify them about the polls. Participants will respond to the poll without any further delay.


Technical support

Technical support plays a prominent role in any business. Event apps offer technical support. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The technical support will make sure your organization’s technology is allowing you to stay productive. The team will enhance your communication with participants and clients. Fix and repair unexpected issues during the virtual event. Stay updated with advanced technology. 

When a technical issue or bug encounters that can instantly troubleshoot through technical support people. The team will provide tailored solutions to an individual event. Whether the issue is related to payment or audio problems, the team will focus and fix it as soon as possible for their end-users.


Instant reminders

Notifying your audience on their mobile phone is another reason to use an event app. Whether it’s a scheduled event or a personalized event, you can make an announcement by sending notifications. For example, if you’re introducing a new product or service, send an alert notification about your upcoming launches to catch their attention. It is another way to communicate with your target attendees.


Participants can socialize

The best part of the event app is social interaction. Participants can interact with each other using event app messaging or activity feed. While interacting with other participants, they will get to know each other. In the same way, event planners can also interact with the participants and get to know more about them. On the other hand, participants can share their documents or photos with the speaker, event host, etc with ease.



People believe networking can be possible through the in-person event. Because everybody (clients, sponsors, speakers, organizers, administrators, other staff) is at one place. But the truth is, event apps can boost your networking. The process is simple, all you need to do is use your attendee list and stay connected with them based on their interest, goals or any random matchups. Set up a “Happy Hour Meetup” for all your attendees to connect. Attendees may ask you a few questions or any concerns, provide solutions instantly and boost your connection with them


Real-time analytics

Measure and get improved! This can be a successful statement for any event. Wait a moment! There is a room dedicated to optimizing the event experience of each participant, during and after the event. Event app provides real-time analytics. Have a close look at the analytics and measure whether you’re on the right track or not. The analytic information helps you to make necessary adjustments and enhances the participant experience.



An event app’s comprehensive list of advantages is reason enough to make any organizer convinced to get the best app for their upcoming event.

Another bonus reason for you! An event app can reduce stress. This is absolutely true. Event planning can be a daunting task because there will be multiple things that need to be executed perfectly. With the event app, everything is simple. Event organizers need to focus on a few things such as event website, participant registration, payment, email marketing, etc. With the help of the event app, you can perform these tasks with no stress.


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