10 online marketing campaigns tips that boost lead conversion and build lasting relationships

Conversion is the Holy Grail of digital marketing, the supreme goal that every business website strives for but only a few achieve. Naturally, site owners want to boost conversion, as this is the only way visitors become buying customers.

Even though there are massive examples of testing that improved conversion with $300 million button, Marketing Experiments and WhichTestWon, to increase conversion requires strategy that involves the right people and tools to make these improvements achievable.

You might run the most amazing lead generation campaigns the internet has seen but if you can’t convert leads, it’s all for nothing. Without an effective strategy, you’re trapped in a cycle where your marketers generate demand, sales team pursues the wrong opportunities and your campaigns fail.

6 ways to boost lead conversion rate

  • Measure conversion rate

You can only manage what you measure. However, most companies don’t have data of their conversion rate, let alone how to accurately measure the percentage of generated traffic that turns into conversion.

  • Lead nurturing

Your lead program accumulates all your captured leads from blog subscriptions, downloads and web form among others; then cajoles them through the buying process and picks those most likely to convert. This narrows down your lead and you can further use targeted content and list segmentation to qualify them. Lead nurturing is a major function of marketing automation software, which is used by successful brands to boost conversion and open rates.

  • Give your target audience what they want

Online purchases are driven by two factors: to gain pleasure or avoid pain. If your product or service can provide for both or one of these factors, you’re on the road to success. The service you offer should be able to solve a problem and clearly, show how it can be applied.

  • Personalize customer experience and make them feel special

This is a powerful tool marketers use to drive customers to take action. People want to feel special; your content, marketing message or campaign should fit their behaviours and needs so it feels like the product was made for them. A few pointers to help you include:

  • Make the lead very detailed. There should be data on demography, city and gender.
  • Customize message based on recent e-commerce activity.
  • Ensure that your messages are relevant to the user.
  • Add an air of exclusivity to your product to make your readers feel like an elite club. You can do this with limited membership, free trial or limited access to essential services on your site. Tempt them so they feel an urgency to sign up and enjoy full access.


  • Link your marketing automation platform and CRM

A two-way integration between your marketing automation platform and CRM database offers marketing and sales teams the opportunity to work together through a unified platform and exchange lead intelligence.


  • Use psychological triggers that convert leads

Psychology is important for the success of any business. Most humans have the same mental triggers that spur them to take your desired call to action. Understanding the triggers and the best way to utilize them will boost e-commerce activities. Some tips include:

  • Humans love novelty. We look forward to something around the corner and wait in excitement to be the first ones to use a product. Take Apple, for example, the difference with each iPad or iPhone release is always minuscule, yet people queue for days and prepay before release date once a new device is announced.
  • Explain why a product works the way it does and visitors whose brains are always searching for answers will feel inclined to make the purchase in a bid to discover those answers for themselves.
  • Tell a story that triggers an emotional response so web visitors feel the experience without living it.
  • Create curiosity.
  • Build anticipation.
  • Use social proof.


How do I use digital media to build lasting relationships with my customers?

“Engage your customers in open conversations and listen to what they have to say”, says one orthodontics marketing expert from OrthoSynetics.  “Engaging your social media followers is only successful when you leverage social media platforms to create meaningful interactions with a customer.”

To build relationships and create conversations, here are some questions you should answer.

  • Do I have any insights about my customers, their e-commerce needs and perception of my brand?

Your existing clientele are your royals. They paid good money to patronize your brand and encourage you. Understanding their perception of the service you’ve provided and the insight they offer will help you generate sales.

  • What content can I offer to engage various audience demographics on my site?

Once you know what motivates your customers to take action, their need, purchase history and intent, it’s easier to re-engage them. Use blogs and content marketing to provide useful content that is relevant to your niche and audience.

  • How do I keep sales at the forefront of my customer’s mind and measure e-commerce success?

Analytics is the only way to truly measure success. Focus on the basics of content, techniques, tools that drive re-engagement and re-purchase as shown by your measurement dashboard. These will help you see what works and change what doesn’t work.


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