Forget VPNs and servers – It’s time for a transition to the cloud!

Forget VPNs and servers – It’s time for a transition to the cloud!

Are you someone who is looking forward to be a more successful and efficient business? If you think your employees are putting in their best efforts but still you don’t see any positive outcome, you should think that your productivity might be something that’s holding you back. One of the best ways of changing this is utilizing cloud computing as this can increase productivity to a different level.

Being a business owner, you always need to make sure that you’re leveraging the most economical yet effective solutions that are available at your disposal. Cloud computing is one of those tech advancements which most people have heard of but very few tried to understand. If you thought this was a fad that will pass away, you’re mistaken! Moving IT operation to the cloud has become a necessity. Here are few reasons why.

  • Cloud puts an end to IT problems

Cloud computing offers the capability to outsource operational IT to some external company. The risk factor can be shifted and there will be no burden to maintain an in-house IT infrastructure. The provider of your cloud service technology will assume the risks and majority of the burden. An efficient service provider will take good care of everything from security and updates to routine maintenance. This will help your company save your money and time and the company can spend the saved money on other important areas.

  • Secured and safe

There is a very common apprehension among companies to shift to cloud as they think that the cloud is not safe and secure. They are of the opinion that maintaining IT operations under tight security is a safer solution for companies. But what the companies need to realize is that transforming to cloud doesn’t mean giving up control over everything rather it means that a third-party company will take care of your data in a way which is more secure than the cloud technology. Solid providers like  offer security protocols and they outline their methodologies in the best way.

  • Cloud offers an economical solution

The ultimate goal of all companies is to earn profit; curb operational costs whenever that’s possible and to successfully achieve their goal. The biggest benefit of transforming to the cloud is an economical one. The economical model that is associated with the cloud is extremely predictable. There is a flat monthly rate, no upfront costs and easy scalability in all directions.

  • Workforce becomes more connected and attached

As per a recent study by Frost & Sullivan showed that the businesses which invest in collaboration facilities, technology increases productivity by 400%. Cloud computing allows simple collaboration in between employees and workers find it easier to get access to relevant files and they can do so from anywhere, on a place, headquarters or from home.

Last but not the least, cloud computing makes it simpler and effortless for companies to handle Big Data. The cloud offers necessary tools to sort through unstructured data promptly. Shifting the business data management landscape is definitely a positive sign for a business.


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