Working From Home? Here are a Few Ways to Block Out Distractions and Pass the Time

Working from home has its benefits, whether you work for a company like ThriveMD or are a freelancer working on their own terms. You’ve got freedom, flexibility, and the benefit of not needing to drive to work and spend gas money. 

However, home can be filled with distractions, and it gets rather dull being stuck inside your home all day long. Not to worry, though, as there are a few ways you can cut out these distractions and pass the time faster, making your remote work all the better.

Listen to Music

Nothing beats bobbing your head to some of your favorite songs and artists while you work. There are several different options and formats that you can do this from, including Spotify, Pandora, the radio, or throwing a record on your retro record player. 

You can play it as loudly or as quietly as you please, pop in headphones, or let it blare from your speakers. Whether you want to get lost in the music or let it act as background noise, this is many people’s first choice when it comes to passing the time and blocking out distractions.

Catch Up on an Audiobook

While you might not be able to read a book while you’re working, there’s nothing to stop you from listening to one. Audiobooks not only immerse you in rich, well-written stories, but they provide dozens of hours of content for relatively cheap prices. 

You can listen to each and every type of book you’d find on the shelf at a library or bookstore, whether that be a short romance or a gargantuan epic.

Enjoy the Commentary of a Podcast

If you’re not much into audiobooks but are tired of listening to music, enjoying the commentary of an entertaining podcast might be the perfect way to pass the time. There are genres of every kind, such as horror, comedy, political, informative, relationships, reviews, and much more. You can listen to them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Stitcher, and more. 

Even if you’ve never listened to a podcast before, it’s worth trying out, as they can be very entertaining, provide a break from the norm, and are generally uploaded weekly.

Quitting Time Already?

With the aid of your favorite music, audiobooks, and entertaining podcasts, it will be quitting time before you know it—but who would want to quit when the work is this much fun?

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