Why Small Businesses Shouldn’t Be Put Off By An International Business Strategy

Why going global is achievable for businesses of all sizes…

There is a common misconception in the business world that international trade is only accessible and achievable for large established businesses.

This is simply not the case. There is an abundance of support and advice out there for businesses of any size to take advantage of, so really, businesses have no excuse for not branching out.

If anything, trading overseas could be viewed as easier than trading in a domestic market. It can provide businesses with the opportunity to offer their services in a market that may not have been exposed to them before. Entering an unsaturated market is a recipe for success and may be the push that your business needs to grow.

Let’s have a look at some of the main reasons why even small businesses should have an international business strategy:

Trade management software


The first of these is the range of resources and software out there for businesses to use and benefit from. Entrepreneurs and small business owners no longer need to employ tons more staff or outsource tasks to enable them to take the plunge and offer their services internationally. The whole process can essentially be managed online using management software.

Before your company, big or small, decides to offer your product/service in another country, you should do some research into the types of software available online and decide which would best suit your needs. It is definitely worth investing in a high-quality, efficient and reputable piece of software at the early stages to avoid disappointment further down the line.

ManSys offer a global trade management software that provides businesses with a platform where they can manage and control practically every aspect involved in an international business strategy. For example, you can carry out all kinds of tasks, from managing staff and payrolls all the way to ensuring that you are producing the correct trade documentation. The right trade management software, such as this, can provide smaller companies with the means to compete with and even overtake the more established businesses with larger teams.

E-commerce platforms


As well as management software paving the way to success for smaller businesses’ international business strategy, the huge range of easy-to-use e-commerce platforms plays a role too.

The existence of the ever-increasing number of online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and similar, mean that anyone from any walk of life can offer their products globally. They usually charge either a small fee per sale or a monthly fee, meaning sellers can still make huge profits on the items they are selling.

If you are a new entrepreneur on the scene, making the most of e-commerce sites is definitely the best place to start to kick off your international trading. Many new business owners have been known to become millionaires simply using e-commerce sites to sell their products because of the automatically large audience that comes with using the platforms.

Social media

Not only do small businesses have access to numerous e-commerce tools to use as a platform for selling their products/services, let’s not forget, we are living in the age of social media!

Social media essentially provides businesses with the opportunity to strategise and implement completely free (or paid) online marketing campaigns. The great thing about social media is that there are no geographical boundaries as to who your company can reach. You can use social media platforms to get your brand name out there and recognised internationally, even before you start trading. It is also a great way to keep on top of your client networking and form strong working relationships.

Cloud technology


Last but not least, cloud technology can make the process of implementing an international business strategy even easier. Using the always improving cloud technology out there, you can share all types of files, monitor emails, communicate via phone or video conferencing and much more.

Cloud technology allows you to communicate with clients or employees anywhere in the world – all that is required is an internet connection! The opportunities are endless with regards to where you can trade, as there are no limits to who you can communicate with and when.

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