Why should you run a Background Check on yourself before an Interview?

Most people are not thinking about running a background check on themselves before an interview.  What most people think about is getting there resume in order, dressing right, getting enough sleep the night before, and making sure to be caught up on any interview questions that might come his or her way.   One think most people don’t think about is running a background check on themselves knowing what may be on your background report is something that is overlooked in the process, but shouldn’t be.

Have you been convicted of a crime?

If you have ever been convicted of a crime then running a criminal record search on yourself is very important.  There may be times that a record should have been expunged or sealed but it hasn’t leading to your potential higher seeing this and you losing out on a chance to proceed in getting hired.   Having your record sealed is a process, so if it shows up on your report you can make sure this gets done and expunged if allowed before an interview.

Background Checks are becoming the norm

With technology making the background check process easier to do, running a background check can be done with almost little to no effort using online tools that pull from massive databases of public records data.  Most companies now have means to run background checks on every future employee.

Is your report accurate?

Humans are not perfect and this means your report could have errors in them.  Knowing this information now can help in fixing these issues upfront so they do not become an issue after an interview has taken place.  This could cost you your shot at a dream job.

Get an edge in a competitive job market

Finding a new job can be a very competitive thing to do.   Your competition is gunning for the same job you are so don’t give them the edge by not checking on your background report.   The job landscape is hyper competitive and you must take every advantage you can to win the job battle and up your chance in landing that job.

Hindsight is 2020

Be prepared for what your new employer could possible ask you on a background report.   The best way to do this is run one beforehand so you can be ready with explanations if necessary.  Knowing this data will also give perspective in what jobs you shouldn’t be trying to land.   Having a terrible credit score show up will not go well if you’re trying to get a job in finance.

In Closing

Because you probably worked so hard in getting the interview, prepped for it as best as possible, study possible questions and answers that could come up on the interview process you should take this detailed step and run a background check on yourself to cover all bases and give yourself the best chance possible at landing your new job.

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