Why Being A Trader Is So Great

It can sometimes feel as though it’s not all fun and games when we trade. There can be times when we seem to lose more than we win, and when it seems like everything is just too hard. We might even want to quit altogether and try something else. Yet it’s important to remember that, as long as you have all the knowledge and systems in place, these bad times won’t last. One thing that we should always keep in mind is that being a trader is actually pretty great – here are the reasons why.

Financial Freedom

What would financial freedom really mean to you? It’s about having enough money that the bills are paid each month without you even needing to think about it. It means being able to live anywhere in the world, needing just an internet connection and your computer to continue making more money. That in itself should be enough motivation to persuade you to continue.

It’s not just about making money, it’s the freedom element that is most important. Many people make lots of money, but they are tied to their desks, and they are not free. Trading is different to that, which is what makes it great.

It’s Different

If you’re a trader it’s likely you’re tired of the old 9 to 5. You don’t want to be like everyone else. You want to make your own way, do your own thing. Trading allows you to do that, and when you become an expert at it, you’ll be able to stop working for someone else, and do things in exactly the way you want to.

This means your mindset will be different to that of other people. While they are happy to be drones and do what they are told, you forge ahead on a different path. How can being a trader not be great when this is the outcome?

It’s Flexible

Although a lot of the working world is waking up to flexible working, there are still many employers who don’t want to think about it. Yet workers find it much better, and it helps them to be more productive. For those who are unable to work flexibly, they will worry about calling in sick, or taking time off to be with their child, or simply choosing to head out for a walk in the sunshine for an hour or two. They are supposed to work set hours and that’s it.

When you’re a trader, you can ‘set and forget’ your trades (assuming that’s how you like to do it), and even if you don’t work in that way, you still don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time for a certain number of hours. Take that walk, visit that relative, see your kid’s sports day. You can do that, because you’re a trader. Click here for more information on set-and-forget trading.

Family Time

Speaking of the kids, being a trader means you can spend a lot more time with them, and other family members. You can be more involved in their lives and not have to be constantly missing out because you have a job that demands your presence.

More Rounded Understanding

You might not realize it, but being a trader means you have a much more well-rounded understanding of the world at large. You’ll know what makes exchange rates work, and what different political choices do to the economy, for example.

Having this information helps you to gain even more knowledge as time goes on, and since it’s important to never stop learning, trading is actually helping you keep your brain active too.

You Call The Shots

Being a trader means you get to call the shots; you make all the decisions. You might wake up one day and think you’d rather have a duvet day. You can. There is no one else to answer to; every decision you make is all yours.

Of course, not everyone enjoys this amount of freedom – some need the rules and structure that a job will bring them. The likelihood is, however, since you are trading already, that you prefer to do things in the way that works for you, so this is unlikely to be a problem.

There’s No Retirement

In many jobs, there will come a time when you need to retire. You might not be physically fit enough to work anymore, or you might find it harder to make decisions and give orders – or take them.

That’s not the case with trading. With trading you can, effectively, keep going until you die, and it will be no greater strain on your brain or your body than it is now. Having good trading charts and systems in place and sticking to them means that you can trade forever.

No Qualifications

Have you ever looked at what seems to be the perfect job and then discovered that it requires some kind of qualification that you don’t have? That’s not something that you need to concern yourself with in trading. It’s open to everyone, which makes it great – no qualifications are needed and anyone can get started at any time.

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