Top 3 Tips for Retaining Coupon Customers

If you have been in business for a couple of months, you most likely understand by now that it’s actually much cheaper to retain existing customers than it is to win new ones. This is true for all businesses, no exception. When was the last time you crafted a strategy to ensure your current coupon customers remain loyal to you alone despite the efforts of your competitors to win their hearts? Many businesses are using coupon codes to increase the flow of their customers. As such, you must find and use the best customer retention tips if you want to remain ahead of your competitors.

Here is a quick overview of three important tips that you need to retain your coupon customers without breaking the bank.

  1. Show Customer Appreciation

No matter what you do to your coupon clients, if you fail to win their hearts, you won’t be able to retain them. Convince your customers that you appreciate them.  How?  Email them coupon codes from time to time to thank them for choosing to be your business’ friend and giving your business. Make the reason for giving the code abundantly clear.  Add a few words that make it clear that you are rewarding their loyalty.

What’s more, reward new customers as well with discounts.  Automatically apply discounts towards the first purchase the customers make with your business. But don’t tell them this upfront. This way, you will use surprise to win the heart of your customers and make lifetime customers.

  1. Don’t Over-Promise

It’s wise to align the expectations of your customers from time to time. Your customers only know what you tell them. So, promise them only what you can deliver and ensure you don’t just deliver; over-deliver.  Otherwise, you will, unfortunately, lose credibility and, eventually close your business doors. Keeping everything you offer as accurate as possible and you will be safe.

  1. Design Eye-catching Coupons

Whether you want to retain your current customers or attract new ones, the rule is the same: use selected images, color, and text that make your products catch the eye.  Do you offer a service?  Include an image of a happy client. If you are a moving company, show a happy family in their new home. But remember you shouldn’t overdo your coupon with images.  The text is also necessary.  Make it much easier for your customers to find you by including your website, your telephone number, your working hours, and the location of your store.

Consider if there are restrictions on your coupon. If there are some, be sure you are clear enough on what you expect.  Some businesses get it wrong when they try to trick their own customers into coming at times when the coupons are no longer valid.  Don’t try that.  Remember, the more honest you are with your customers, the more trustworthy your customers will see your business.  Consequently, you will be building a stronger brand than your competitors. Be careful when choosing text font color and size to avoid unnecessary miscommunications. To be safe, bear in mind your target market when choosing them.  If your primary segment is senior citizens, remember they may be vision impaired. If they are men, some of them have difficulties differentiating certain colors. So, in this case, you can avoid the confusing colors. The idea behind all these is to be able to communicate effectively with your customers so that you don’t lose them due to needless misinterpretations.

Final Thoughts

Your existing customers are the most valuable resource your business has. They already know your brand, your beliefs, and your products or services. You can’t just afford to let these customers go their way.  Do everything within your power to improve their experience. The best place to start is to understand and implement these three tips consistently.


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