Tips on Choosing the Best Office Background for Zoom

One of the advantages of the modern age is the technology we use in (almost) all spheres of life. It has been present in our lives for a while, and nowadays, it has been raised to a higher level. And in today’s business world, you simply don’t exist if you’re not online.

Another perk of the digital era is the possibility of remote work. It means that doing business is not physically tied to a specific location or break-and-mortar office or facility. You can live on one end of the world and work for a company located on the other. Your employer can be thousands of miles away, and you can do your job from the comfort of your home.

Although working from home brings certain advantages (which you can read about at this link), the way of working itself doesn’t differ too much from office work. You will still have work commitments, deadlines, working hours (not always), regular meetings with colleagues or partners, etc. With the help of numerous online tools and apps, it’s all possible in just a few clicks.

The Perks of Online Meetings

Platforms for online meetings (like Zoom) made business communication easier and more effective. You can be online along with colleagues or stakeholders from all over the world without leaving your comfort zone. You can talk about anything related to your business, project, or company the same way you do that face-to-face.

But work from home is not just about sitting in a messy room, wearing a jumpsuit, and having a bad hair day while your cat is lying on your keyboard. You can’t expect your interlocutors to take you seriously. You can’t talk about business plans, strategies, or goals in conditions like these. 

Still, you can use some tricks to mask this real-life background. Choosing the office background for your virtual workplace is one of the best ways to overcome the jitters because you didn’t have time to clean it up before the meeting. And yes, you can wear your sweatpants but make sure no one knows that.

Office Background Type

The first thing to keep in mind is that the background you choose should have the ability to enhance your and your company’s professionalism. It should convey a sense of purpose that is communicated in your branding or taglines. 

How serious or casual the background of your virtual office will be will depend mostly on the work you do. Suppose you are into a creative niche, like interior design or copywriting. In that case, you can opt for images of spaces that are not equipped strictly as an office. These can be workplaces with presentation panels, lazy bags, a coffee machine, posters on the walls, etc.

If you are in some leading position or dealing with something serious such as law or finance, choose a virtual space that suits your profession. Spacious and well-lit conference rooms add up to your credibility. The lack of casual details tells other participants that you take your job very seriously.

Choose Colors Wisely

Colors are something that is often overlooked as far as corporate identity goes. They do a lot for your brand when used correctly. You want to choose colors that explain your business somehow. For instance, if you are a tech start-up, you should use colors such as black, gray, and white. These colors are conservative and provide a neat and organized look that conveys a sense of order and professionalism.

You want to make sure that the Zoom office background image is not only colorful but properly lit, too. Make sure that there are no light leaks and excessive shadows. All of these things can ruin your appearance.

Take Care of Contrasts

The background should also provide some visual contrast and texture that will help you stand out. It should be pleasant for the eyes of other meeting participants. When they have a hard time focusing on you, that can cause problems in communication and understanding what you say. 

So you should take care to use visual contrast and texture to make your online presence great. You can never go wrong with some plain designs and colors that you stand out. It’s simple – if you have a pale complexion and bright hair, choosing a background with white walls is a mistake. Instead, opt for some bold colors and patterns that won’t ‘overwhelm’ you.

Cut Visual Noise

While you want to make sure that the picture is visually attractive, you should also ensure that it looks pleasing to the eye. People tend to pay more attention to the colors and patterns if they are bold or repetitive. That’s called visual noise, and it can be your worst enemy.

When people are looking at your screen, they are going to see a lot of different things. Be sure that certain distracting things are not present in the background image because they will take away from the message you are trying to convey. So avoid too many details and things that repeat, like paintings, books, or document cases on shelves. 

Choosing the best virtual Zoom office background for an online meeting is an important issue to consider. It can make or break your appearance and how others see you. A good-looking background can add up to your professionalism and overall image of yourself or the company you present.

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