The Right Side of the Law: Top Tips for Achieving Regulatory Compliance in your Business

In order to have a business that is completely legal, trustworthy and compliant, it helps to be regulatory compliant. No matter your industry, there are regulations that you should adhere to. There are regulatory requirements for device labeling, money handling requirements for banks, cybersecurity regulations and many others. These regulations are in place to ensure safety, fairness and good business practices. But you may be wondering how to achieve regulatory compliance in your business if you’re just getting started or trying to comply with new laws.

Take It Seriously

The first tip for staying on top of regulations in your industry is education and taking it seriously. Whether or not you agree with its usefulness, it is still required by law and not complying can have some serious consequences. There can be some pretty steep fines and you may even lose your business. So, stay up to date on your industry standards and regulations so that you can be proactive about things. If you are flexible and strategic about compliance, you may find that some of your current infrastructure or implementations make it easier to comply with new guidelines.

Hire Someone

One of the easiest ways to handle tackling regulatory compliance is to hire a compliance agency or a compliance officer. Compliance agencies and officers help you get your business into regulatory order. They help you to create a plan and implement it. Hiring a professional has several advantages, including being able to continue focusing on other business related tasks. Because many industries are regulated by more than one regulatory commission, hiring someone will save you a lot of headache. Compliance officers can ensure that you don’t miss a step and put you in a place to make adjustments and improvements as your industry changes. The cost will vary according to your location and industry, but not getting this right can cost you a lot more in the long run.

Join an Industry Association

Whatever your industry is, you will be able to find a legitimate organization that is dedicated to those in your industry. These professional associations can help you to stay abreast of changing regulations, proposed changes and new innovations. You can find a mentor, have access to conferences, education and other industry related activities. There are lots of advantages to being a member of an industry association, including having the jump on pending legislation. When you know what may be coming, you can do something to change it.


Industry regulations exist for a variety of reasons, and many of them benefit both the industry and the consumers, so be sure to take them seriously and to do your best to be on the winning edge of things. Regulatory laws, in many ways, hold your business together. By having set industry standards, consumers know what to expect and your business can grow. If you stay on top of things you will likely be just fine.

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