Technology and Its Influence on Human Behavior

There is hardly anything around the world that is not affected by technology. Technology has an impact on everything, from our way of thinking to our actions. It is part and parcel of our daily life from dawn till dusk. 

Technology has positive and negative effects on society, people, individuals, and businesses. It has changed the whole world on its own. Now we are living in a global village due to the internet. 

Like everything technology influences human behavior. It does affect the mind of individuals and the way they perceive things. For example, students can get their papers form thesis writing services and have more free time.

Techno addiction is the term used to define and explain dependency on technology in such a way that a person cannot do anything without their technology gadgets. In such cases, any action of an individual is technology-centered. 

For example at a crime scene, people tend to record the incident rather than calling an emergency helpline.  Another example of techno addiction is taking out a smartphone to take a picture when something delicious is at the table. 

These examples show how technology has affected our behavior toward different things. There is a thin line between the use of technology for the betterment of our lives and overusing it to become a techno addict

To know if you are a victim of technology, here are a few behaviors you need to record and evaluate yourself. 

  • With no expectation of an important call, you feel anxious to go out from home without your phone. 
  • You need to keep your phone beside you when sleeping. 
  • You feel unhappy when you don’t get the desired likes and attention after putting a photo on social media. 
  • While working you have a habit to check your phone for notifications and alerts again and again. 
  • Videoconferencing your family is better on holiday rather than going to visit them physically. 
  • You have a lot of complaints from friends and family about your disconnection from them as you spend more time with your electronic gadgets. 
  • You have compromised your sleep to just wait for a message from your loved ones or friends on instant messenger. 
  • On the weekend you spend more time on your electronic devices rather than going out for a party with friends. 
  • You spend more time on recording a video at a live concert rather than enjoying the concert itself. 
  • You prefer to share your secrets and pain with the online community instead of your real-life friends and family.  

If your answer is ‘No’ to all the above questions, which is rare, you are the one who can live without technology. An answer of ‘Yes’ to up to 3 questions means you have very low level of addiction to technology and have very little influence of technology on your behavior. 

Serious addiction and too much negative influence on your behavior if your answer is ‘Yes’ to 4-6 questions. You need to seek help from family and friends. 

An answer of yes to more than 6 questions is extremely dangerous for you. To get out of this serious techno addiction you need to seek professional help. 


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