Six Sites that Audio Engineers Need to Know About

Audio engineers all share at least one thing in common: an honest appreciation for the power of sound. There are some amazing sources on the web for all of you audio engineers out there in the world that will make your life better. If your recording studio is your sanctuary, and your headphones are your escape, then check out these websites to feed your soul with more of what you love.

1. Moon Audio

Your go to place for high-end headphones and black dragon cables. Moon Audio provides quality equipment that will exceed your expectations whether you are in the studio or at home.

The creator of Moon Audio – Drew Baird, has spent his life dedicated to music. From being an avid listener and enthusiast to being on stage in the spotlight – he understands how important it is to have a good pair of headphones that will allow you to hear what’s really in the music. The coolest thing about this company is that they handcraft all of their audio cables beautifully – and most importantly, at an affordable price. At the end of the day, all they want is for their products to create connections between musicians and music lovers. They are truly passionate about sound and music, and do an amazing job of putting their good into the world for other sound enthusiasts, one handcrafted audio and high quality headset at a time.

2. Audiophile

The sub-reddit, Audiophile, is a great place to go for reviews on the latest gear, questions on all things audio, news on the best technology, and a place to even connect with other audio enthusiasts. Before buying something, it is always great to check on here to find better, honest reviews of what you are getting! Plus, it’s Reddit – so you’re bound to have a laugh or two.

3.  Sound Girls

Sound Girls is an amazing organization that supports women working as audio engineers. They strive to support and offer resources to the women in the next generation of audio and music products. They have established chapters across the globe and encourage connection amongst all of them. Sound Girls also provide tools and resources for career development, education, and more! If you are a woman, or know any women in the audio industry – encourage them to check it out and see what kind of opportunities are waiting!

4.  Brain FM

It is true what they say about the power of music on the brain. It can wildly improve mood and focus, drastically relieve stress and tension, and help soothe the soul. It is an amazing thing that should be utilized more often in our modern world. With apps like Brain FM, it’s possible to do just that. This app plays music that is good for your brain! Music to help you focus, meditate or sleep – all in one place! It’s amazing. You can select playlists by mood or by activity, and listen to hours and hours of carefully curated music. These playlists are perfect for a long day of studying and a long night’s sleep. Brain FM even consistently works with specialized neuroscientists to ensure the music they are feeding to your brain is providing the maximum benefit for you. You will be shocked with how much easier you can fall asleep, study for a test, and even remember things with the right kind of music in the background!

5. Song Exploder

This well-known and highly reviewed podcast is great for any music lover or sound engineer! Each episode goes in depth into a song and explains how it was engineered/produced. Musicians break apart the song and tell the story of how it was made. Every episode is produced, edited, hosted and created by Hrishikesh Hirway from his studio in Los Angeles. Hrishikesh will take a specific song, and ask the artist certain questions regarding decisions they made creating the work. He will then edit the interviews, and remove his side of the conversation and shorten the story to have a clear focus on how the artist truly brought the song to life. This podcast will help you gain a deeper appreciation for music and all the work that goes into making just one track. It’s also another great learning tool for all the beginners out there!

“In the world of beautifully produced podcasts, Song Exploder is the beacon. Short version: It’s a show that dissects a song. Long version: It’s a show filled with serious lines of honesty, cinematic production and peeks inside the creative process.” — New York Times

6. Sound Better

Making connections in the audio world can be difficult, especially if you aren’t living in places like New York or LA. End your stressful job hunt with Sound Better! This platform connects freelance audio engineers, producers, singers, musicians and songwriters with clients from around the world! Make a profile, and companies can contact you if they like your credentials. You can set your own rates, browse through and apply to current job openings in the audio industry. This is a great way to get your name out there, and get your foot in the door if you are a beginner! Browsing through the other freelancers on the website, you will find everything from college students wanting extra cash to songwriters for Beyoncé – so don’t be shy, if you have a talent or skill in the audio or music industry, offer it up to the world see what happens! You never know what kind of connections you can make or what job you may stumble upon.


These are all amazing websites, companies and organizations to explore and support if you are a fellow audio nerd! Listen to Hrishikesh’s podcast on the creative process or find your next pair of headphones on Moon Audio.  From making connections, to learning something new, or to finding a new pair of handcrafted cables – these are all great places to keep on your radar in the world of audio.

What are your favorite online audio resources? Leave your suggestions in the section below.



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