Six signs your employees are Getting stressed


As an employer, employee wellbeing should be your primary concern.When employees are suffering from stress, it can have a negative effect on their productivity and job performance.

Stress can cause significant differences in a person’s behaviour and employees who are suffering from stress usually display it through a number of ways.

Below, read about six common signs that could indicate an employee is suffering from stress.

They’re off work a lot

Is a member of your team taking more time off than usual? This could we be a sign that they’re struggling regarding their workplace wellbeing.

If your employee is frequently off sick, this can highlight that they’re worried about coming into the office and dealing with stressful workloads.

In contrast to this, if a staff member is failing to book their allocated holidays, this can also signify stress as they may be too worried to take them due to an extensive workload.

They’re easily irritated

Sudden irritability is one of the most common signs that someone is suffering from stress.This could be due to dissatisfaction in their job role or believing that they’re being overworked.

A shorttemper is not the only sign of someone being frustrated, as nervousness, twitchiness and constant fidgeting can also indicate stress-induced irritation.

They’re socialising less

Has one of your most outspoken employees suddenly become withdrawn? Are they failing to interact with those in your office?

If so, then there could be a number reasons for this, such as stress or depression.

One of the main symptoms of both these conditions includes self-inflicted social isolation. Affected employees may not speak in the office, refuse to participate in out-of-work activities or appear disinterested.

They’re ill

For those suffering from stress, the impact can not only take its toll on their mental state, but can also affect their physical wellbeing.

If you’ve noticed that one of your most energetic team members has suddenly become lethargic, this is another sign of a stress-related illness.

Stress can cause damage to your immune system and cause frequent colds, nausea, insomnia, muscle tension and a sore stomach.

Return to work meetings after a period of absence is a great opportunity to determine any underlying issues behind the illness.

They constantly look tired

As mentioned earlier, a lack of energy can be caused via a stress-related illness. Stress can also cause insomnia for plenty of those affected.

Workplace stress can cause employees to have sleepless nights due to worry.

If you have noticed an employee looking constantly exhausted, then having open conversations around why they’re struggling to sleep can be beneficial. Conversations between employer and employee can help lower workplace stress.

They’re very anxious

Do your employees convey that they’re unsure about doing the most straightforward of tasks?

This doesn’t mean that they’re not skilled enough to perform them, but instead their anxiety brought on by stress, could diminish their self-belief and make them worry about their job performance.

Other signs that your staff could be struggling with workplace anxiety include being overemotional and crying outbursts.

So, how can your business help employees who are suffering from stress?

The most important thing you can do when facing this situation is listen to their worries and offer support. You could also  use occupational health assessments, whichcan help you monitor your employee’s mental wellbeing as specific health concerns are addressed by a qualified medical professional. Or if you have an Employee Assistance Program in place with a company such as Health Assured your employee’s could really benefit from accessing this service at the first sign of stress.

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