Serfy helps to assign jobs, track issues and interact with clients in real time

It is hard to evaluate the field work that experiences less tension and huge profits. But it is made available with the modern technology and power that every team needs to adapt. For assigning jobs, tracking and interacting with potential clients, Serfy would be the best choice. It is necessary to have a brief knowledge about Serfy before knowing its  advantages.

Serfy is a field service tool for small business that Benefits every aspect of the business. It can be accessed through a computer both for personal and commercial use. It is compatible with any devices like desktop and mobile phones.

It allows users to safely keep office and job information and track them when needed. Both the managers and the team can have the access to edit and see the changes. It is built in order to improve efficacy and helps managers to conduct their duties peacefully. It reduces the problems that are raised in the project.

The specialized benefits of Serfy are:


  1. Considers everyone’s need

It is developed to help field agents and managers to focus more on relevant features that relate work-day experiences. It is not meant for adjustments in help for the managers but it is designed totally for the managers. It can solve the everyday problems of the team and manager with the counter capabilities.


  1. Accepts any challenge

It is not restricted to any current duties rather takes challenges that keep up the team and works managed and updated. It would be risky if the manual procedures like phone calls and emails are followed. However, they require micromanagement to keep a track record. It can indirectly reduce productivity. Serfy is a time-consuming service for both workers and managers.

Instead, using Serfy can fewer challenges that have a broad view team’s activities and whereabouts. Serfy app can make simplified updates about everything that happens in the team. It is easy to make client satisfaction with the information that is handy. But there will be some conflicts that can be managed somehow.


  1. Creates effective team building

Serfy is easy-to-use and every mobile user can install and launch their services easily. It is allowed to communicate with the clients. Also, everyone in the team has the access to upload and track the information accurately.

Anything regarding the business project can endeavor into the app with the relevant parties. The complete team can stay empowered with the freshest data that is published in the app. This can work better and create interactive work surroundings and develops relationships.

  1. It leverages budget

When there is no wasting of time in maniel activities of the business, the other works are performed properly and in-time. Using Serfy, generating income is made more effective. It helps in accepting the client’s request on a daily basis.

Information regarding receipts, job tickets, and tracking can be attained accurately. Since there is less chance in manipulating the paperwork, presenting the methods of Serfy into the business make invoicing and payments easily. All the work will be tracked constantly. Serfy impacts on the profit margin and generates business revenue replacing the regular income.

Unique Functionalities

Online presence

Serfy has its own abilities and functions that mark the consistency in the users. It is designed to sync the information of the workers and managers and update the status regularly. There is no wasting in time while exchanging the information. Making phone calls and traveling time can be utilized here by Serfy mobile app.


Real-time Information

All the data is secured and synced 24/7 and it doesn’t maintain outdated records. This enables every employee to stay updated and is permitted to access any information that the admin posts in the portal. With the accurate representation of every team, Serfy is allowed to maintain individual and group database securely.


Process Automation

Attending tasks individually and physically has been reduced in most of the business who undergo marketing online. Utilizing less time in managing can be manipulated and adjusted with the time that is utilized in participating the most important works. It all happened because of its automated features.


All the tools and features of Serfy are simple and effective to use. With intuitive adjustments in the team can lessen the pressure within the competition in the technology. A user guide is available in the portal so any beginner can effectively dig and learn more about their services. All the setup related information is included in it clearly.


Paperless System

For today, using paper has been banned so as to save nature and environment. However, paper documents will not be saved for a longer period of time because they may get damaged. This includes the risk in security as well. Sometimes the information can be captured by the wrong hands and no matter the negative perceptions and circumstances arise. Every piece of information cannot be saved on paper, for instance, all the bank and client details cannot be explored outside because they should be maintained secretly. Serfy creates a system that is secure and saves information in a database.

Having said that, these functionalities and benefits of Serfy cannot be compared with the other service providers and somehow there are a few conflicts that can be managed and served with the latest updates and versions.



  1. With the free subscription, the user can get unlimited users, unlimited buildings, unlimited providers, and Web/App interfaces. Here, it allowed to create and track the status issues from every service providers

  1. The second subscription charge is $299/month that is useful for service providers or building managers. It can be accessed up to 5 users, 5 buildings and 5 services and eventually give standard support.
  2. With a €299/month subscription, any service provider can access up to 10 users, 10 buildings, and 10 services and have advanced notifications and reporting advantage with custom forms, automation, and standard integration.
  3. With the popular subscription of €499/month, the service provider or business manager can access unlimited users, unlimited buildings, unlimited services plus SLA monitoring and customer signature option with material management and API.
  4. With a €799/month subscription, any business manager or service provider can access unlimited users, buildings, services, and internal task management and outsourcing are provided.
  5. With €1499/month the users can access unlimited users, buildings, services, and allowed to get custom development and premium support possibility.



With dozens of clients, tasks, and employee, Serfy helps the users organize and manage the time in communicating with the prospective clients and the respectful field workers which instantly reduces the paperwork. It has a single goal in providing the user experience in every industry. Stay ahead of the competition and enhance the features of Serfy.


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