SaleSource “AI-based marketing tool which helps with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms to grow faster.”

The budding e-commerce sector has started to play a vital role in people’s day to day lives. Buying and selling of commodities are now directly done through the internet. People can browse the products they require from the comfort of their home and order them in a single click!!! Gone are the days where people spent hours hopping from shop to another to buy products. From payment to delivery everything is now easy and fast, all thanks to e-commerce platforms.  

Apart from that there are websites inclusive of all the products that are available in the retail market. You name it , they have it, many offline businesses are also now serving their customers through e-commerce platforms. 

So, this brings us to the question, What is Salesource? Another addition to the edition? 

Well, let’s get into some detailing of the most impressive software that is recently making news!!! Salesource is a dropshipping software. The main characteristic of this website is , it helps in building customer relationships and is a one-stop dropshipping platform. It bridges the gap between the customers without any hassle. 


Features of SaleSource

Dropship traits 

All the best products along with their portals are summarised to come down with the top best sellers. Shipping is easy and convenient and all your concerns relating to it is now solved. You would receive your goods as soon as possible the least being upto seven days. SaleSource even allows you to analyse of the competitors, and view information relating to them such as  the date of creation of the site, monthly revenue, best selling products etc. All this information would give you an idea about how long the product has been launched, customers response to it and lastly the revenue generated from them along with the top selling product among the lot.


Product centric 

People who search for a product , they would get all the details relating to that product such as cost , how many units it is selling per day and the potential of the product among the customers. It would give you a clear idea of which product to list on your e-commerce website. You would find various range of prices for a single product and a variety of sub

-products.The best way to judge a product is to make a comparison between the next best product and the range of varieties included in it. SaleSource will give you insights to find the best product from top suppliers at a cheaper price. 


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the base for promoting any brand or product. The vision behind a product is its customer base, people inclined towards that  product its competitors and how the product stands better than its other substitutes. Product reach , is made easy and accessible, without any hassle. With SaleSource you can easily perform market saturation by checking who ordered the most units for a particular product. Not only that, if you want to stay at the top of your game, you must provide your customers with the latest products. SaleSource is here to make that easy for you. This tool you can provide you with detailed reports of trends in the past 6 months.


Current market scenario 

How would you know which product is the best in the market with a large variety of similar products around? Each product competing with each other. Customer needs a clarity about the best purchase that should be made. If you’re also wondering how to bring unique products to your customers. The search is over! Salesource is the best software for you, which simplifies the requirement of the customer and gives you a detailed profile of the best product in the market at present along with the review and how many customers have opted for the same.


Dropshipping feed 

You can create your own dropshipping product feed with SaleSource. It will provide you with the latest trend of products. “Hot products” as the name suggests are the products that have a high selling rate. Popular among the people in the current market. Another cool thing about this feed is that it will automatically refresh on a day to day basis and provide you with updat

es on hot products. This makes your life easier as you don’t have to look out and research about the best selling products, as now you have this magic tool to perform it.


Chrome extension

If you’re using a particular software or tool, you must constantly visit it or download it to check or perform an activity.  Going back-and-forth with the application can consume both your time and energy. SaleSource , can solve this problem as it has a chrome extension which allows you to access the tool from anywhere. Product research and analysis is now easy product review. Chrome extension does the needful for us as it provides you with all the information relating to any product. One click and you have all the information we need in one page. Thanks to Salesource for making our lives easy!   


Best suppliers in the market 

Hundreds of products , their substitutes, their brands and availability. To get the best supplier among this will be a hard task. It is confusing to focus on a single supplier when they have a long list to go through. Salesource helps you to refine your search to pick the right match for your product search. Best seller in the market is easily determined which helps us to finally get the desired product with comparing a huge bunch of them.


Competitors Analysis 

How about you know about your competitor before clashing with them directly on the floor? Understand your competitor moves and how their products are different from the rest along with the strategies used by them to attract more customers. Learn about their product marketing and specifications for an upcoming launch of your products. Salesource provides an analysis of the potential competitors. Which is helpful as it allows you to understand your audience and their preferences better and improvise your products according to the requirement before launching it on the floor directly. If you launch without having any prior knowledge whether the product is in demand in the market, your e-commerce business may fail. Therefore perform competitor analysis with SaleSource, for the best results.


Affordable prices 

Best services at an affordable price. Salesource provides a week free trial. Trial and error are part parcel of each other. Getting a trial before launch is exciting as it provides you with a chance to self analyse about the product success and amend accordingly . How many software in the market are providing you with such an opportunity to play safe ? With a monthly and annual subscription you can get full access of the software!



Salesource is the next best software in the market . Budding with its high range of product, analysis and customer friendly integration combined . Additional features and 24/7 customer service. Choose a plan that matches your requirement and use this amazing tool to improve your e-commerce business.  Great business ideas in your mind ? Wait is over ! Time to take over.


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