Life and Investment Through A Gift for Warren Buffett – “Warren and Charlie’s Bedtime Story” by Adam Robinson

Since 1959, Berkshire Hathaway has been lead into financial success by dynamic duo Warren Buffett and Charles Munger. CEO Warren Edward Buffett is widely considered to be the most famous and successful American businessman, investor and philanthropist in modern history. For decades, he has been working with Vice President Charles Munger, they continue to inspire each other with their knowledge of the craft and intuition and strategy to make great decisions in the markets. Often Buffett and Munger have made decisions in investment that at the time were considered crazy but that turned out to be correct in the long run. These decisions have led the two investors to attain almost god like status in the investment world.

Regardless of the consistent success, Buffett himself has not yet written any books about his philosophies of life or business since running Berkshire Hathaway and since working with Munger.

After extensive research on the famous duo through statements and interviews, friend Adam Robinson gives the famous billionaire the best present imaginable. It is a story about the philosophies of Warren and Charlie and investment advice, as illustrated by a grandfather and grandson on his birthday in a new novel titled “Warren and Charlie’s Bedtime Story.” Although it has a Children’s book title the novel is not intended for Children. Although it can be read to children who would find it a fun and entertaining story, the nuances and details of the investment lessons that are being taught would not be taken on board by most children. Instead it should be seen as a delightful book for adults who want to learn these incredible investment lessons in an easy and fun way.

As co-founder of The Princeton Review, Adam Robinson is an educator, freelance author and United States Chess Federation life master. His work continues as the global macro-advisor to the heads of some of the world’s largest hedge funds and family offices through his company Robinson Global Strategies. “Warren and Charlie’s Bedtime Story” is Robinson’s first work of fiction that became a New York Times bestseller.


What Made Robinson Write A Book About His Beloved Friend?

With the new and creative ways to make presents for friends, the thoughtfulness between Buffett and Robinson never stops. Robinson believes that the advice shared by Buffett and Munger as a duo is especially needed today. Robinson states that we are now living in unprecedented times; not only is the financial market in a terrible state, with negative interest rates, but people are suffering from loneliness and depression more than ever before. The book gives advice not only for people’s financial prosperity, but for their most precious asset, which is time.


Introducing the Main Characters: Billy and His Grandfather, Robert

Inspired by the famous billionaire himself, the book tells a story about Robert and his grandson, Billy. Billy is suspended from school for being falsely accused of cheating during a guessing game. Of course, Billy did not cheat. Rather, he used his intelligence, various experiments and his intuition to guess correctly.

In one day, Billy learns every single thing he should know about investing from his grandfather, who seems wise in his own regard. Between the conversations in the story, Robinson weaves together Buffett and Munger’s years of knowledge with principles of the business in a compassionate and educational manner.

Reflecting the character of Buffett, Billy has a warm and kind heart. He is exceptionally smart and cares for others more than himself. And Billy’s grandfather is no different from the wisdom that Buffett offers. Robinson makes the story as fun as it is. It also has important underlying messages in everyday life, as there are hidden meanings behind the duo’s conversations. They give an outlook on all we can do.

The book is available for purchase on Adam Robinson’s official website, All profits from the book sales will be generously donated to a charity by Robinson, further supporting Buffett’s lifelong goal to donate all his wealth to charity. It is no coincidence that Buffett made this promise on a trip to New York with his father when he was 12 years old, which is how old Billy turns in the story. Robinson’s next book is titled “How Not To Be Stupid.” It has been officially endorsed by Buffett and will be available soon.

By reading “Warren and Charlie’s Bedtime Story,” it is hoped that readers can better understand the business and investment in a fun way.


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