Innovative Ways Technology Helps Prevent Stress for your Employees

Technology has increased our pace of life for sure and we have equally adapted to these innovative ways. The increased use of the latest devices is not only impacting the ways we live or work but also has helped in increasing our productivity to a great extent. All thanks to the technical news that we remain updated with the latest trends in the respective domain. We are continually challenging our self-being in order to outperform our own goals that are in a way resulting to a greater stress level than ever before. At one hand, where technology is contributing to the increased level of anxiety, it is, on the other hand, also helping us reduce the stress level to a greater extent. The write-up will show you the ways on how technology helps prevent stress and anxiety.

How is technology helping in stress management?

Meditation is an exceptional way to keep the stress out of your daily lives. And, the fact that there are a variety of meditating activities available and accessible to us makes it even easier to practice some of those. It is worth mentioning technology has played an exceptional role in providing us some of the most exceptional meditating applications .

Here are some of the exceptional apps that you can use for managing the stress levels:


Headspace makes meditation simple. There are hundreds of themed sessions that help users learn how to meditate and live peaceful life. Headspace is also exceptional for those who are having busy schedules. There are options to opt for bite-sized meditation sessions so that even busy professional can use the application. Headspace is your personal meditation guide that sits in your pocket in the smartphone and gives you accessibility to try meditation sessions anywhere anytime you need. The app also helps to enhance your compassionate behavior towards others when the meditation sessions are practiced regularly.


Calm helps users to reduce their anxiety levels by offering ways to sleep better and live happier. The app has been awarded the best app in the App Store owing to the exceptional functionality it offers to the users. Calm comes with a number of exceptional functions one amazing is the push reminder that helps users maintain consistency throughout the day. The app offers a wealth of meditating programs that users can go through in order to offer them life-changing experience and benefits of leading a happy life. There are sleep stories that help you fall into a deep sleep and enjoy a natural sleep.


Spire is world’s only breath and activity tracker application. The app has well-tested ways that are proven to decrease stress in your daily life. The app additionally helps to increase users’ productivity at the work. Spire works by measuring the breathing pattern of the users to determine their state of mind and help them remain calm. The app is quite popular among health professionals and also prescribed by mental health professionals across the globe. It is one of the best self-awareness applications too that offer exceptional ways to meditate and bring positivity into the life and the thought process. Additionally, there are smart Spire health tags that you can use over the clothes to monitor your daily activity.


The cutting-edge application is designed by medical professionals to quit smoking. The adaptive data science platform in this app makes it one exceptional in the category of similar application. Clikotine has been tested clinically to offer exceptional benefits to those who are looking to quit the habit of smoking. The app demonstrates an exceptional combination of science and technology in order to help users quit smoking and lead a healthier life. Well-guided lessons make it easy to quit smoking effortlessly.


Drinkware is the ideal application for those who are wishing to measure the number of alcohol intakes. The app teaches you ideal ways to measure the ideal alcohol quality that you should take. The app encourages you to stick to your goals when it comes to drinking the alcohol. The app also tracks the cost of your drinks to show how much you could save by cutting down the alcohol counts. Drinkware has extensive database of alcohol brand to offer you information about the same.

A brief on gadgets to manage stress levels:

You can only count your reduced stress levels when you are completely aware of the same. In order to know everything about the levels of your stress there are exceptional gadgets that can help you measure and manage the same. So, why not choose to measure every single calorie you burn while exercising in the gym when you have all the resources available at your disposal?

Here are some apps you can use to measure your stress levels:


Fitbit health bands have really contributed towards the growth of such wearable health devices that help users know the count of the calories they have burned. It helps them go as per the plan and measure the duration of their exercises. Such bands offer a set of information about the composition of your physical health. There are recommendations too that users can opt for while exercising.

Brain-sensing headbands

There are brain-sensing headbands, which users can use for enhancing their meditation practices and get benefited with exceptional advantages. The artificial intelligence enabled devices are just exceptional to use. And, the best thing, there are a number of such headbands available for the users.

The Bottom Line

Wearable devices are designed to stimulate the body nerves so that they could perform in a certain way. They trick the mind to function more efficiently in order to work exceptionally well. In case, you are also looking for such amazing techniques or the apps, you could browse through a number of such applications available in different stores. When you continually work with these apps, it gets easier than ever to maintain the body weight, the balance, and the stress levels as well. The results get better with time but to maintain the benefits the users must devote a considerable time duration. This not only helps to maintain the balance of the body the right way but also contributes towards healthy lifestyle.

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