How to create brand awareness in business

In the modern business world, your brand is your secret weapon. Having a positive and strong brand that resonates with consumers is what will drive your future business success. But why is this? What makes the brand such an important piece of the puzzle for businesses today?

Of course, a strong brand has always been on show for the biggest names, such as Coca-Cola or Ford. What seems to have changed in recent times, though, is that brand image has become a vital marketing tool for even the smallest business. The simple reason for this lies in the way consumers choose the services they use and the products they buy. More than ever in the current business age, what you stand for, how you operate and what your brand says to consumers is the main driver in whether they will use you.

With this in mind, making an effort to create a brand awareness that sticks in consumers’ minds for the right reasons is key to business growth.

How can brand awareness be created?

 Now we know why creating a strong and robust brand is so important, it is worth looking at how this can be done. Luckily, the digital nature of business has made this easier than ever before. Here are some great ways to build up your brand image:

  • Use social media – of course, you just cannot ignore social media when trying to create brand awareness. This is how millions of consumers interact with businesses and decide which brand resonates with them enough for them to part with their money. It is worth finding out which platforms your target audience spend their time on and build up your brand there with regular postings, expert advice and personal engagement with potential customers.
  •  Hold an event – nothing will get your name on people’s lips quite like a big event with your brand front and center. Although you can do virtual events such as webinars, which are great, many still go for more traditional live events such as a summer BBQ, open to the public. This gives you a chance to connect personally and for consumers to see where you are actually based, for the next time they need you.
  •  Attend trade shows – when it comes to building brand awareness, business-to-business is just as important. Other businesses could be a great source of income if they know you exist and like how you operate. Trade shows are a great way to meet other businesses and showcase just what you can offer to them. This will see your brand quickly become known within the business world.
  •  Sponsorship – another great brand building exercise is to sponsor an event. Very often, a charity event is best, as it shows that you are a company that gives back and cares about others. This type of activity will go a long way in creating a positive image with people, and will stick in their minds. In addition, it can also allow you to get valuable direct engagement with anyone who is attending the sponsored event.
  •  Video marketing – the most popular video sharing platforms are superb for brand building, due to the sheer number of users they have. It is reported that YouTube has over 1 billion users worldwide and this is a market that you can tap into to create brand awareness. Create some useful videos that showcase your expertise and what your brand is all about on a personal level for best results.
  •  Invest in some merchandise – a good marketing tool to use when building up your brand awareness is ordering up branded merchandise to give away – this could be to the general public at random or to existing customers as a thank-you. The beauty here is that this will put your brand in front of their eyes each time they write with your pen or use your notebook to jot ideas down. This is very powerful for gradually making your brand stick in people’s minds over time.
  • Consistent and eye catching signage: When starting a business it is essential that you should spend some time on your branding design. One of the key visual components of this, is signage. Think about your target audience and what message you are trying to convey. Also, bear in mind the nature of your surroundings. If you are located in a historical cobbled street with Elizabethan architecture, a flashing neon logo sign may not be appropriate. You don’t want to make enemies with the locals before your business is established!

Take a tip from Stan Gershengoren

 One great tip around best brand and management practices in business is to check out Stan Gershengoren on Medium. He not only has some excellent articles in this area and marketing in general but also shows just what a platform such as Medium can do to build your brand.

Build your brand to build your business

 It is no overstatement to say that creating positive brand awareness is vital to your organization’s long-term success. By creating a strong brand that people remember, it will help you to attract new business and keep hold of the customers you have. A strong brand will help build trust with the public, which goes a long way in helping them choose you to spend money with.


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