How Colors Affect the Mood & Tone of Your Video

Colors have a direct impact on the mood and tone of your video. There are specific colors that video editors use for certain scenes and events in a movie. And as someone learning about videography and how to become a great editor, you need to understand this well. You’ll need to use the right colors whenever you’re editing a video through an editing tool. If you’re stuck on how to go about all this, then you can get inspiration from various video templates on your online video editor.

Videos stir up emotions in different ways. Sometimes you may not even realize it, but your emotions rise up due to the color effect. Colors have the power to manipulate the emotions of the audience in many different ways. They can penetrate the conscience and subconscious levels of viewers easily. But how do they achieve this? And how can you use an online video editor to influence emotions through the use of colors?

Pink Color 

Pink is a color that video editors mostly use to indicate innocence, purity, love, romance and passion. Most of the scenes in movies and TV shows that have pink as the main color indicate the above traits and qualities.

However, the pink color can equally carry different meanings, depending on the videographer and film. But these are the most popular associations that it has as a color. The general understanding of the audience will see the color pink and think of it as love and other happy emotions.

You can use your online video editor to influence the scene or theme of a movie or video you create. Add the color pink to inspire and ignite the emotions of love and those that you see above.


In the meaning of colors, mostly, purple represents royalty and class. This color is also common in many videos to represent a mysterious nature or scene. Most people associate purple with extravagance and ambiguity. If you have a scene that dictates such traits, then you can use an online video editor to add this color.

The fact that purple is mysterious and rare means that you need to really understand where and when to use it. Otherwise, using it without meaning might affect the quality and appearance of your video. It will also affect the perception that people have of your video. Nonetheless, using this color in the right way can greatly yield striking imagery. And this can remain in your audience’s minds for a very long duration.


Blue is another popular color in videos. It is mostly a color that video editors use to showcase loyalty, childlike wonder, and faithfulness. Most viewers associate this color with positive thoughts, purity, and innocence.

In some cases, blue can also signify solitude. Some of the blockbuster movies have utilized blue to showcase scenes where the actor is alone and in deep thought. It is a great way to indicate a character’s detachment from the ongoing activities and plot in the video.


Green signifies weed. Ha! Ha! Just kidding. But did you know that you can use green to breathe new life into characters? It gives a sense of survival and new beginnings when somehow hope was no more.

Thus, you can use an online video editor to add the green color in a video or movie, so that you can bring life to a character or scene.


Yellow is a bright color that people also love to use so much in videos. So, what does it even signify? Well, based on how video editors use it, yellow can showcase relaxation and happiness. That’s why you mostly find this color in scenes that involve the characters chilling in their bedrooms or living rooms. You can see a lot of tranquility and peace just by using the yellow color in a scene.

However, yellow can also apply to negative traits like betrayal and jealousy. It is as diverse as any other color that people use. Yellow can also appear in a scene to show assertiveness, danger, and judgment. Therefore, yellow is a statement in full. How to decipher it is up to the viewer.


People associate the color orange with warmth, humor, and energy. However, video editors also use it to signify a sense of caution or warning. It can show an impending danger that lies ahead. Some scenes may have orange to indicate transformation and major changes.

In other cases, you can use an online video editor to add the orange color to scenes showing hopelessness, barrenness, and even endlessness. The mars-like appearance that orange creates can send the viewers to another world as chaos arises.


Last but not least is the color red. You can use an online video editor to add red to a scene that depicts anger, violence, or aggression. It is one of the most potent colors that you can apply in a video.

On the flip side, red can also showcase passion and love. That’s why you’ll notice how common it is in romantic scenes.

Final Thoughts On Using An Online Video Editor To Add Tone To Your Video 

As you’ve seen above, colors do affect the mood and tone of a video. Ensure that you choose the right color for a specific scene using an online video editor. 


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