Here’s Why Your Business Should Use Video Marketing

Video is already a really powerful tool for the really successful marketers from around the world but most businesses still do not know the power that video marketing has in modern times. A large number of businesses already started to use video in their content marketing strategies and it is time for you to do the same thing. Video quickly progresses and can only reach new heights in the future.

Statistics show that 83% of modern businesses think that video offers a very good ROI. Since technology advanced to the point where it is easy to produce video, use Movavi Video Converter to adapt coding for viewing device and bandwidth is no longer an issue, here is why your business should seriously consider using video marketing.

Sales And Conversions Are Boosted

Video is capable of making serious money for businesses. By adding product videos on landing pages conversions can be increased by around 80%. The great thing about it is that it does not matter what niche is promoted. Video is now effective in practically all industries because it leads to sales in a highly direct way.

Studies showed that close to 75% of people that watched explainer videos about products ended up buying them. Why not start crafting exciting product videos right now since it increases sales?

Really High ROI

Most businesses that use video end up with a pretty good ROI. Video production is definitely not easy or cheap but the pay-off is huge. Business users now have access to great online video editing tools that keep getting better and better. We can even use smartphones in order to create decent videos.

Contrary to popular belief, video does not really need to be perfect in order to be effective in marketing. The content that is present in the video is what is really important. Users are actually put off by those videos that do not explain the service or product in a clear enough way. Poor design and low quality do not count as much as many think.

Increased Trust

Gone are the days when people directly bought from stores, without learning as much as possible about the product or service. In modern times we need to assess trust as this is the real foundation of sales and conversions. Trust building is a goal for absolutely everyone. This is a concept that is very important in modern content marketing. Instead of selling, businesses have to let people come to them by offering useful and interesting information.

Video content will ignite emotions and engage with users. YouTubers for instance are now some of the most powerful of the social media figures that can promote brands. If you are really serious about marketing and content distribution, using video is definitely a necessity.

Search Engine Ranking Advantages

One thing many do not know is that video is highly appreciated by Google. This is because visitors spend more time on the website. The long exposure practically builds signals for search engines that websites are of a higher quality, with better content than others. If you look at websites that now rank really high in Google you quickly notice that so many of them do have videos on their pages.


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