Here’s how Google Cloud Security is bringing its vest version in the business today.

Today, IT organizations are looking to modernize their business systems both in the workplace and also in the cloud. Hence Cloud Security has become a top priority for business organizations. Google Cloud wishes to provide advanced security solutions to the users, along with a range of benefits. They also want to become the most secure cloud platform to the products that can show the power of the Global infrastructure.


But before going into how Google Cloud Security brings the best to the people, it is essential to know about Google Cloud certification courses. To appear for the Google Cloud certifications exam, you have to register for the certification exam. Here are the different fields in which you can give the exam-


  • Associate cloud engineer.
  • Professional cloud architect.
  • Professional data engineer.
  • Professional cloud developer.
  • Professional cloud DevOps engineer.
  • Professional cloud network engineer.
  • Professional Cloud Security engineer.
  • Professional collaboration engineer.


The different languages in which you can apply for the exam are English, Japanese, Spanish and Indonesian. However, every field cannot be applied in all four languages. You can attempt for an exam in multiple languages, but the rules for the total number of permissible atoms and the waiting period between each attempt is always valid.


What’s new in case if GCP training?


In 2019, Google Cloud added four latest certifications to its portfolio. Now you have a total of 7 options to choose from. All these certifications cover all the skills required to gain expertise in the cloud today. When you are Google certified, it can help you prove and validate your knowledge in different aspects of design, managing, developing and administering app infrastructure and data solutions on GCP ( Google cloud platform).


Why GCP training and certification can be right for you?


Google Cloud certifications are specially curated so that your knowledge can be validated, and your cloud skills can be made official. After Google Cloud certification courses, you can appear for both associate and professional level exams according to the capabilities of different cloud jobs.


How to prepare for the Google certification exam, you can visit their official website to get all the information that you want. After that, you can look for Google Cloud certification courses that suit your convenience. The training is available in online mode, or instructor-led mode with hands-on Labs, etc.


You can also check out the online practice exams, which are free of charge.


What benefits is Google Cloud Security bringing?


Google cloud has introduced new capabilities that offer security to the data of the customers wherever they reside. Now, threat detection and timeline capabilities are also available along with thread response integration and online fraud prevention.


In 2019, the Chronicle launched its security analytics platform to change the way how businesses can investigate alerts and threats to their organizations quickly, efficiently and economically. A new language called YARA-L has also been introduced, which specially deals with modern threats and behaviours. This threat detection method is very advanced and helps in real-time and retroactive execution.


Google cloud has also introduced the Chronicle’s intelligent data fusion, which is a combination of a new data model link many events in a single timeline automatically.


It is a known fact that it is essential to protect the users to protect the business. Hence Google cloud has announced the general availability of reCAPTCHA enterprise and web rest API. For more than a decade, these products by Google security Technologies have been protecting millions of web users and websites.


reCAPTCHA enterprise protects websites from fraudulent activities, including credential misuse, scraping, automatic account creation and more. It is becoming increasingly essential to protect the web from bots because it can lead to increasing threats like malicious actions to breach passwords against legit sites.


On the other hand, web risk API helps the client applications to check the URLs against the list of unsafe web resources that Google continually updates to prevent access or any other malicious actions.


Today you can purchase both applications separately.




Google Cloud certification courses are the best way to start learning in the field that is the most suitable and convenient for you and to prepare for the Google certification exams. You can opt for one single class or following the full path. You can also choose to interact with a specialist regarding GCP training so that you can get complete information regarding role-based training, flexible timings and private classes.


Google Cloud certification courses can be the perfect option to kick start your career and gain industry recognition after being certified.


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