Five Website Alterations You Need to Make to Help You Sell Your Services in 2017

Whether you’re a landscape gardener looking to offer design services or a local electrician wanting to get your name out there – if your website doesn’t look good you’re going to have a much lower chance of success. Building a website is one thing, but managing it so it’s always user-friendly is another job altogether. By following the below tips you can be sure you’re going to have much more chance of success when it comes to landing new clients.

1.      Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

Smartphone technology has come a long way in recent years and this means website owners have had to make their sites responsive so mobile visitors have a much more user-friendly browsing experience. If your website isn’t responsive, you can be sure you’re going to miss out on a lot of custom and that could ultimately cost you your business – or at least make your website pointless.  If you need any help with redesigning your website, get in touch with Outre Creative.

2.      Offer a Clean & Easy to Use Navigation Bar

If you look at the Spiel Studios website you can see their website is very clean and their navigation bar is easy to read and access from the top of the page. You may also notice that when you start to scroll down the page, the navigation bar comes down with you so you always have access to it instead of having to scroll to the top again. It’s simple additions like this that can really make a difference when selling services.

3.      Showcase Your Best Work

You now need to come up with ways to showcase your best work so potential clients can see if you are what they need. This can be done with an easy to access portfolio section situated on the top navigation bar – and it’s also wise to showcase some pictures on the front page to give your work more exposure. Make sure your photos are well documented so potential clients can see what you’ve done. Before and after pictures usually work best depending on the industry you’re serving.

4.      One-Page Websites Work Best

A lot of website owners are now turning their sites into one-page designs so they have everything on the front page of the site. It’s still wise to have a navigation bar in this instance because of the use of the JavaScript programming language – when a visitor clicks on a link in the navigation bar they will automatically scroll to that section of the page. This is looking like the way for many businesses to operate these days because it saves visitors clicking on links and waiting for pages to load – they can simply just scroll down the page to find what they need.

5.      Build a Contact Form that is Easy to Access

As stated above, one-page websites are getting much more popular and website owners are now even displaying contact forms on the front page. A simple contact form on the front page could be the difference in landing a new client and it should always be considered as an alteration to make in 2017.

Web development has come a long way in recent years thanks to the introduction of HTML5 and responsive coding techniques. Advanced development now means it’s time to go out with the old and in with the new, and that means revamping your site to give you a much better chance of selling your products and services.

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