Does your business need social media?

A bulletin board, a soulless showcase or a dead page with fake subscribers – most often this is the terrible fate that awaits business accounts on social media if you start them thoughtlessly and “because everybody does that.” This article provides a step-by-step guide with basic but important questions for those who want to start a social account or revive a useless account.

The goal of social media marketing is to build trust with your audience, engage them in communication, and generate leads. However, not every company needs social media.

To understand whether your business needs an Instagram account or something else, answer these questions:

Why does my business need social media?
The question will help you understand the true motivation behind the desire to be presented on social media. If you don’t understand the motivation from the start, there is a risk of creating a profile for the sake of “beautiful numbers” and even starting to develop an inappropriate social network.

Who is my client?
The question is necessary to understand what your clients are doing (buy, subscribe to the newsletter, or just like) and how to motivate them to do this on social media. Knowing what follows of the statement “my client is …” will help you to avoid unnecessary communication in the new social network.

Does it make sense to invest in information and PR on social media? 
A question for those who have decided that “my task is to tell the whole world about my product.”

The main thing is to understand how to evaluate the work result in the end. Reach and clicks do not always indicate the success of PR initiatives.

When evaluating the success of PR, such factors are usually used:

  • popularity (overall reach);
  • depth of brand mention;
  • format of material presentation;
  • hitting the target audience;
  • willingness to build marketing communication at all platforms and invest in it.

The final point for those who have definitely decided that they “need a social network.”

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Synchronize all your communication channels.
  • Reply to subscribers’ messages and comments because this is an important part of communication.
  • Draw up a content plan that matches the goals of your marketing campaign.

When preparing content, ask yourself often: “How can my post in the community be useful for subscribers?” And to make your job easier, use posting automation platforms. This will greatly save you valuable time and help you find new content ideas. The market offers a wide variety of such services. One of them is Postoplan, an up-to-date platform with broad functionality that allows you to manage the most popular social networks at once, and schedule deferred publications, create a content plan, and much more.

Those who have a complex product will have to invest in communication, especially: you need to teach people how to use it. And for those who work with young people and adolescents, you need to speak their language, but also don’t be out of line.

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