Charter Jet Services vs. Private Jet Ownership

As your business grows, you’ll need to travel more extensively. Once you reach a certain point, traveling on commercial airlines isn’t a viable solution because it costs you time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. If you have to travel a lot and can’t afford to waste time at airports and need to fly on short notice, you may be considering a private jet as an alternative. However, it would help to consider whether you should purchase a private jet for your company or look into charter options. There are pros and cons to both.


If you’re considering buying a small jet, look carefully at the price tag. The initial cost isn’t the only consideration, much like owning a boat. Jets require considerable upkeep, so be sure to consider the cost of a jet (most likely $1 million or more) and the annual expenses for fuel, repairs, maintenance, and staffing. A charter jet service can provide you with private service without having to maintain your own pilot and crew. You won’t have to worry about jet upkeep or unexpected repairs. With a chartered jet, you only pay for the time you use the aircraft. You don’t have to pay a flight crew to be on standby for when you need them.


Both a privately owned jet and a charter service give you much more flexibility when making travel plans. Small jets can land at many regional and private airports that standard carriers don’t have access to. You can also schedule flights around your schedule rather than relying on an airline’s schedule. However, if you sometimes have ten people who need to fly somewhere and sometimes have just two people flying, a charter service may be the best option. You can book the correct size jet each time. If you choose to own a private plane, you’ll have to pay considerably more money if you want to ensure you’ll always have enough space for your team.


Charter jet services are a stand-out for availability. Owning a jet means it always has to be somewhere when it’s not in use. If it’s in a hangar halfway across the country when one of your executives needs it, you’ll pay a premium to fly it to their location. Companies like Access Global have fleets of private jets on standby across the country, so there’s always transportation at hand without having to fly your jet to a specific location. 

Private jet charters are the best of both worlds for most businesses – custom transportation without the expense of ownership.

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