Amaiz Business Banking built for your next move

Amaiz is an app-based banking service which is monitored by a fintech startup located in London. The enterprise has a specific goal- to facilitate gig workers, freelancers, sole traders and newly formed companies. This segment of population is largely overlooked but is economically contributing to a great extent.

The best thing about Amaiz is how it’s appropriately time-saving, probably because it has been inspired by entrepreneurs. The Amaiz team considers how difficult it is for the solopreneurs, self-employed and one-man bands to run their businesses single-handedly. Moreover, dealing with day-to-day transactions, a pile of admin and paperwork sucks all the fun out of the experience. So to curb away the stress, Amaiz has provided a relief to contractors, sole traders and artists to keep themselves sane and focus on building up their enterprises through the vision they want.

How to Get Started

  1. Get registered via your email account by visiting on your iOs or android phones. Amaiz also has a web-supported version for your Mac books/laptops.
  2. Download the app on your phone, scan the documents and get started with your account running within a few minutes. That’s how easy it is!
  3. You can also apply for a debit card which is going to be delivered to you within a week.

Salient Features of Amaiz

  1. Our customers have everything in their hands; from transferring money into or out of UK accounts and direct debit management to suspending your card or undoing by a single tap.
  2. To help you with general accounting questions, there’s a team of accountants ready to assist you with balancing the books.
  3. Another feature offers human help; users can contact the Customer Care team any time of the day and week through live chat in the app, a phone call or email.
  4. You can avoid all the hassle by in-app money management. To keep a firm check on your financial status and spending, Amaiz keeps you updated with automatic cash flow charts, analysis and categorized transactions.
  5. The invoicing tool is another great feature; send computerized invoices to your customers created by Amaiz app and audit all the details.
  6. Secondary accounts known as Jar sub accounts are assigned to save or set apart some of your funds for other purposes such as a vacationing or paying taxes.

Pricing Plan

Firstly, you can get a free trial for a month on an advanced plan. When you’re satisfied by Amaiz’s services, continue banking with a minimal fee of £9.99 which includes every facility and no surprising additional charges.
Starter plan is another payment plan in case circumstances change. You have to pay 20p per transaction. But there’s a downside, you will be charged extra fee for ATM cash withdrawal and card payments outside the UK. The pricing structure is fairly simple, straightforward and transparent.


This enterprise is fully licensed and backed by Financial Conduct Authority that holds your electronic money and clients’ important bank data safe and secured.      

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