All About Business: 7 Tips to Improve Your Conference Call Etiquette

It’s a challenge to have basic etiquette in today’s digital era especially if you are tied to only one form of communication.

During a conference call, you’ll be obliged to only rely on your voice to express your ideas and ask questions. And your conference call can turn out to be good or bad, depending on your etiquette.

Therefore, your conference call etiquette shouldn’t go down the toilet just because you weren’t told in advance about it.

It’s true that conference call etiquette is not something you learned in school. That’s why you need these seven tips to improve your conference call etiquette:

1. Be on Time

Being on time seems easy, right? However, humans have become sluggish in how they carry out their activities and for most people, keeping time can be a challenge.

And in most cases, the host will stay sitting on a conference call for up to thirty minutes or so waiting for the rest to join.

Of course, it’s not your wish to get late. It’s either you forgot you were to be on a call or you don’t have the right software to remind you.

Fortunately, there are sites like free conference call service, which can help you plan well for your conference calls.

2. Introduce Yourself

Don’t assume that everyone knows you have arrived. Consider alerting people that you are all set with a phrase such as “Hey, this is John.”

Doing a simple alert when you join a conference call might look incredibly basic, though, it’s still something that’s overlooked. Sadly, most conference call attendees prefer to stay silent.

3. Refrain From Eating Or Drinking Anything

Again, this should be obvious, but it’s not. And the truth is that drinking or eating anything during a conference call is rude. If the conference call is going to fall in between your meal hours, it’s better to take an early meal and attend the call when you’re okay.

4. Mute Yourself

Usually, there is a mute button, and surprisingly, it’s placed there for a reason. Sometimes, there could be some noise coming from the background. That’s where the mute button comes in.

However, it will not be wise to use the mute button feature for an excuse. Always use it only when there are some distractions on the background. And remember still to refer back to know what was said for a reminder.

5. Jot Down Some Notes

Even though you may have a sharp memory, sometimes, jotting down notes during a conference call can make you get a better understanding of what’s being discussed.

Some conference call attendees prefer to record the calls, but that’s not safe. You can lose your phone, and the whole conversation will be gone.

For some people, they may not love when their voices are recorded, and it’s important that you respect their decision.

6. Have Your Questions Ready

If you have questions in mind that you’d love to ask during the conference call, you should write them down somewhere.

This will help save time, especially when the time for asking questions have been granted. Besides, you’ll look more professional and organized.

7. Be Pleasant

Finally, make sure to be pleasant throughout the meeting and say goodbye when the call comes to an end.  With that, you can show that you are polished, genuine and respectful. Usually, being pleasant will impress your managers or investors, and it’s not something hard. You only need to stay organized and calm throughout the call.

Take Away

Your conference call etiquette can either make or break your career. Etiquette is often overlooked, but it’s essential for professional work ethics. Luckily, the above seven tips can help you boost your conference call etiquette.



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