9 Ways to Successfully Segment Your Email Database

In the world of email marketing, the concept of segmenting email lists should be an integral part of each campaign. According to Data & Marketing Association, around 77% of total email marketing ROI was the direct result of targeted campaigns through segmentation in 2015.

Email segmentation plays a pivotal role in the email database marketing services, and there are a number of ways with which you can segment your email list in order to carry out innovative and effective campaigns.



The location in which your contacts live and work is powerful information. A brick-and-mortar business wouldn’t want to waste valuable resources by regularly delivering in-store offers to out-of-towners. Thus, segmenting the contacts by zip code, city, or state is an efficient way to make sure that you are marketing to the optimal location. Segmentation by geographical location is a necessary step in any email marketing campaign.



People of all age groups have online access in today’s world, allowing marketers to cast a wide net. However, it can be advantageous to market towards specific age groups, or change a marketing message depending on which age group they are targeting.



You can also adjust your messaging of offers based on gender. However, this doesn’t limit the size of a campaign, just the variety. For example, a product one gender generally buys for themselves can be marketed as a gift purchase to the opposite gender. In 2018, the world is fast adjusting to the need for more than just two gender options, giving your business an opportunity to be inclusive on surveys and further modern ideals.


Organization Type:

Your B2B email content should be different for each kind of organization, such as franchise, non-profit, ecommerce, enterprise, and small businesses, among others. Thus, you must segment and strategize accordingly.



Another B2B factor in segmenting email lists is considering an organization’s industry. Customization based on the contact’s industry will always give a good level of personalization to your email marketing. Whether the industry is broad, like manufacturing, or more narrow, like CNC metal fabricators, this information can help your marketers highlight specific features and benefits your services provide. For example, a trade show display company would market to very broad audience and have a diverse client list, as each of their contacts could be attending one of the many annual shows and conferences held at different dates across the country. The trade show company could coordinate their send dates with industry shows and highlight the best exhibition products for their client needs.


Job Function:

Your entire list of email could contain many different job functions belonging to one category or other. This segmentation is helpful in sending emails that directly relate to the tasks and responsibilities of each sendee’s job position, even when all contacts belong to the same organization.


Education Level:

You can also segment your email list based on the education level of all your clients and contacts. If you segment the list based on their level of understanding of topics that you write, you can design your lead nurturing content to speak to the right level.


Purchase Cycle:

Segmenting your email list based on the purchasing cycle of all your clients and contacts is a great way to gauge the success of your current sales funnel tactics. It could provide knowledge about the customers who come to you on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly basis.


Content Format:

This segmentation is a unique way to experiment with email marketing campaigns. Particular content formats are considered to be more appealing and approachable to various segments of your database. Some contacts may have purchased ebooks, some may interact often on social media, or some may respond primarily to blogs or webinars. Once you know how your contacts prefer to consume your content, you can deliver the content in preferred formats and increase open rates.

A better segmentation of email leads to a better targeted marketing database for businesses. Therefore, it is time you segment your emails properly, making email campaigns easier for you and a better experience for your contacts.

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