9 Reasons to Invest in Travel Insurance When Traveling with a Team

Do I need travel insurance? This is one of the most common questions that people ask when planning a trip with a team of colleagues. Just like any other insurance policy, the benefits of having travel insurance should be your main motivation to get a policy.

Here are 9 reasons why you should invest in travel insurance when traveling with a team.

1 Support in case of a Medical Emergency

Most of the Australian health insurance companies do not cover clients when they travel abroad. Luckily, comprehensive travel insurance will ensure that your team gets professional medical emergency support in case of an accident or any other unforeseeable tragedy. Even a cut that looks minor can become worse and necessitate a trip to the hospital. The policy will cover your entire team with such issues and cover their medical bills.

2 Facilitate Reclamation of Rescheduled and Cancelled Flight Fees

Rescheduled or canceled flights can force you to change your entire trip. Even though most cancellations arise from harsh weather conditions and technical issues, you should be compensated for this inconvenience. You may end up missing your connecting flight as a result of such troubles.

Travel insurance will cover such expenses, so you don’t overstretch your budget.

3 Frequent Flyer Points Protection

Frequent Flyer Points can be redeemed for various benefits like tickets, purchases at airport shopping malls and access to business lounges at international airports. Travel insurance will protect your points. That is, if you use a portion of your points to pay for your entire team’s tickets, and you are unable to recover them, the insurance company will compensate you for the total value lost. What this means is that you will still benefit from the points you had accumulated before the flight.

4 Stress-Free Accommodation

If you become ill towards the end of your holiday or any other emergency that hinders you from flying occurs, the travel insurance can compensate you by providing emergency accommodations until you get well and are in a position to fly back home. Note that this privilege is available to every member of your team who is covered by the policy.

5 Stress-Free Car Hire

When traveling with a team, you will probably need to hire a vehicle to move from one location to another conveniently. The problem with hiring a car is that if it is involved in an accident, you will be forced to cover the additional expenses even if you were not at fault. A minor accident can end up costing your team thousands of dollars that you had not budgeted, thereby ruining your entire business trip.

Good travel insurance will take care of such unforeseen financial expenses. Therefore, you can drive around knowing that if something happens on the road, the insurance company will come to your rescue and sort it out.

6 Personal Liability

If any member of your team crashes the rental vehicle and hurts someone else or damages property, the travel insurance will cover him or her up to the amount that is specified in your chosen plan. There are also other terms and conditions that govern how the policy can be used to cover personal liability. Familiarize yourself with these terms to choose the ideal plan for your team.

7 Dental Emergencies

When traveling abroad or across the country, you can chip a tooth  and such a painful ordeal could force you to cut your trip short and take a flight back home for an emergency trip to the dentist. Your entire team could feel demoralized if that happens too. Not to mention, you planned and anticipated for a this business trip to close the deal. The best travel insurance policy offers dental emergencies to clients. In most cases, the insurance company finds you the best care in your area. Also, your team will save money that would have been used to cater to the procedure.

8 Adequate Coverage in Remote Areas

If you are planning to visit a remote country, getting emergency medical coverage in case of an accident can be an uphill battle, especially if there are no medical facilities around. An activity as safe as hiking can predispose you to numerous risks. The cost of being airlifted to a nearby facility can run into thousands of dollars, but comprehensive travel insurance will protect your entire team from such tragedies when traveling to remote areas in the country or abroad.

9 Protect the Tech

Imagine losing a computer to a thief or in a luggage layover gone wrong, having a travel insurance policy could let you walk to the store and replace that laptop before it’s even missed.  That means the meeting is saved and you can do you presentation because of the cloud’s potential to let you download it with a simple log in.


Having a great travel insurance policy for you and your team can cover the worst should it happen.  In life and in business, protection from the unknown is always helpful.  Don’t travel uninsured.

Making sure you have all your important travel documents in one place is extremely important, as it will avoid many complications on your trip. This includes your travel insurance, a PAN card (http://pancardseva.co.in/), VISA, and passport.


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