8 ways insurance CRM enhances sales productivity

The job of Insurance agents is really tough. They have to deal with countless hassles in their professional life.

Around 65% of their day goes in emailing new prospects, completing paperwork, creating welcome emails, following up with the old clients and sending policy applications. 15% goes in attending to phone calls and emails. 10% is invested in back-to-back meetings and the remaining 10% in conversations or leisure/lunch (only if their tough schedule permits). To sum up, their job is highly demanding and challenging.

Imagine yourself as an insurance salesperson and dealing with the various challenges faced by the professional. Spending a significant portion of your day performing unproductive tasks (like managing paperwork, retaining the existing customers, while attracting the new) is simply annoying, maddening and tiresome. You can’t expect extraordinary results from a ‘tired mind’.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem i.e. an Insurance CRM.

Read on to know how it helps businesses in enhancing sales productivity.

  1.    Discovers the prospects and organizes leads

CRM for insurance agents helps professionals in achieving better results. The system allows the experts to capture lead data, set up enquiry forms and add additional information about the prospects on the website. With CRM in use, you can even benefit from the live chat feature for conversing with your customers/prospects. This helps in understanding the needs of customers better.

Insurance CRM also comes with auto-profile enrichment feature that allows the users to capture the data (such as their phone number or company name) from the customer’s social profiles. The web tracking feature helps users in gathering in-depth insights into their prospects who visit the website. This eases the task of insurance agents and ultimately enhances their overall productivity.

  1.    Easy tracking of significant details

CRM allows the team members to access the data in real time, given the system is automatically in synchronization with the calendar of every staff. Plus, advisors can schedule their to-do lists and meetings in Insurance CRM. Synchronizing between Google calendar and an Outlook email is easy in this system.

Determine your target audience and start the work on preparing the sales pitches and marketing strategies. All the information can be saved in CRM and accessed instantly when needed. Your business can reap maximum benefits with CRM in use as identification of the best prospects becomes easier. Consequently, it boosts sales and overall profits of the Company.

  1.    CRM offers better insight into customer preferences

According to Target Marketing reports, more than 50 per cent of customers prefer the Companies who offer personalized solutions. Insurance CRM allows experts to determine customer preferences and strategize their plan accordingly. There are a number of successful ways to CRMs for discovering the unique requirements of the consumer through his/her previous purchases.

Understanding the browsing history of potential clients and gathering information about their key demographics is easier with CRM integration. Irrespective of the way CRM is utilized, users can observe touch points of a customer through different channels without any hassles.

  1.    CRM helps managers stay up-to-date about the complete sales process

CRM helps in improving database management quality. This means information can be updated easily in the real-time. Individuals (particularly sales representatives) who represent your business before the prospects can access up-to-date information through because of Insurance CRM.

The system serves as a strong and highly reliable source of information. Moreover, CRM software is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of verifying information. In simple words, it enhances the sales process, while making it more result-oriented.

  1.    CRM programs help in building customer relationship

The best Insurance CRM is integrated comes with marketing, email and calendar programs features. This system serves as the database and stores all relevant information. The stored information is accessible instantaneously during client interaction either face-to-face, by email, over the phone or online.

What makes Insurance CRM a better alternative than others is that every member of the sales team can access the information during client interaction. This allows the professionals to create a personalized, empathetic and seamless relationship with a client customer. Integration of free CRM for insurance agents allows them to gain higher predictive lead scores through smart use of artificial intelligence.

  1.    CRM allows scheduling of training sessions

It is imperative to train employees from time to time. The CRM system makes things pretty easy for the corporates. Simply identify the individuals (in your staff) who are expert at dealing with technology (as they’ll learn the concepts of CRM quicker). Then schedule training sessions for the employees in the system itself.

The CRM program not only serves as a database but also helps users to keep track of employees’ performance during the training. Insurance CRM allows them to focus on the significant areas of training so that things can be tailored accordingly. Perfect training means better productivity of your employees.

  1.    CRM creates space for employee improvement

With the integration of CRM in the existing system of the Company, employees can improve their working to a great extent. The system brings in a large number of changes in the sales process and allows the users to prioritize things accordingly. The changes help in improving operations, tactics and strategies and speed up the process of closing a sales deal. Financial organizations have to deal with the challenge of retaining old customers and gaining new ones.  Insurance CRM helps, guides the employees in building good customer relationships so that sales targets can be achieved in less time with minimal efforts.

  1.    Insurance CRM helps in saving time and money

Insurance CRM may not be cheap but you can save a huge amount of money with its integration in your existing system. The software decreases the probabilities errors and enhances the overall working of sales representatives. Your staff won’t have to deal with daily unproductive tasks (like managing paperwork, emailing, etc.). Since information can be stored in CRM your company will save a substantial amount of money which otherwise goes in handling the ‘clutter’ and post-it notes.

Benefits like registering the activities and establishing sales routines, allow the sales team to meet the goals faster than ever. The system is designed to ease the work of salespeople. Updating and sharing the newest information on customers and prospects – all in one place is highly beneficial. Saving time and money is easier as all the work-related activities and data stored in Insurance CRM can be accessed in the real-time.


In a nutshell, CRM and salespeople are like a “match made in heaven”. The more time they’ll spend, the stronger will be the connection and eventually better will be the end-results. The change that free CRM software brings in a Company’s working is simply matchless. Salespeople just have to gain a better understanding of the system so that they can get the best out of it.

Sales representatives have to understand that updating Insurance CRM is sure to bring immense success to the Company with fewer efforts, given they synchronize their practices and activities with the software. CRM enables secure saving of data and a better sharing of relevant information.  With such, an effective and secure tool in hand sales productivity of a finance Company is sure to rise. Be sure to get the best-customized software for your Company.


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