5 Wonderful Ideas for Employee Recognition Program

If you’re not recognizing the hard work that is being put in by your employees and teams then you’re doing them a severe injustice. There’s nothing like a pat on the shoulder and receiving praise from your senior or manager. It celebrates work and it gives employees the confidence to move on with the same zest.

It’s not necessary that staff recognition programs are monetary benefits. It might be a little difficult for a company that is still in its growth phase, but there are ways in which you can assure your employees that their work is being appreciated and applauded. Power2Motivate has some amazing ideas for employee recognition that motivate employees towards better performance. This article is about some unique ways in which you can make your employees feel great about their job and the work they’re doing.

1- Recognition Day

One of the best ways to celebrate employees’ hard work is to dedicate one day in a month for celebrating all the great work done by the employees. Make a big deal out of that day by arranging food, drinks, awards, and other team building activities. Recognition day can be a surprise as well. This can make employees feel special and appreciated.

To make this really special, we suggest hosting these events off-site to make it a true experiential reward. We have seen success hiring a private venue, booking a barbecue/picnic at the local park or even on a harbour cruise organised by companies like Sydney Princess corporate cruises.

2- Wall of Fame

Take photos of employees who have done something great that is worth celebrating and hang their photo on a wall that is dedicated for this purpose. It just gives employees a sense of being important to the company they work for and encourages them to strive for a better work performance as well. It’s a creative way of celebrating employees’ accomplishments.

3- Prize Tokens

Make it a trend in your department that whenever the management sees an employee doing something great just give them a prize token. That token can be tradeable for a gift card, shopping coupon, or a dinner coupon for the employee’s favourite restaurant. It just kind of makes the day of an employee who deserved some recognition for his or her work.

4- Hackathons

A Hackathon is an interesting idea for employee recognition. It allows employees being celebrated to spend a half or even a full day doing the job they like to do the most in their favourite department with the team of their choice. Some companies make employees present their work done in front of the leadership team so that their ideas can be incorporated into daily operations.

5- Rotating Trophy

This is a fun idea that can be used as employee recognition program. Find a fun trophy, like a stuffed animal or maybe a big figurine that can be passed around in the department celebrating some really great work done. Let the employee keep that trophy for one week at their desk before it is given to another employee.

These are some very entertaining ideas that can make employee recognition fun and innovative. These ideas are not new. They are implemented in various organizations to celebrate some quality work done by the employees.

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