4 Tricks to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Everyone has gone through the issue of having a slow internet connection. Whether it be because of the weather or having the not-so-best service provider assigned to your unit’s free wi-fi, you’re not working at your best when you have an unstable wi-fi. Not having a stable internet connection can disrupt you from your activities. Besides browsing the net to relax, you might not have the best link to contact your loved ones online or even to do some work online with your co-workers. Lucky for internet users around the globe, the advancements of technology have brought about a few nifty tips and tricks to help everyone in the community have a slightly faster use of the web. Check this guide to understand internet speed better

  1. Check your other devices

With the advancement of technology comes the automation of apps and gadgets. They often no longer require your permission to check updates unless you manually override their settings. Though this can be seen as a technological convenience to some, to others it’s just a hassle to have to adjust parameters that you wouldn’t enable in the first place. It’s not exactly a negative trait of apps, but it’s becoming evident that the more convenient apps are becoming doesn’t exactly equate to being optimal apps.

Check if your devices are set to auto-updates and remember to turn off the wi-fi from these devices so that you won’t have any excess bandwidth taken up by passive devices.

2.Have a dedicated channel

Though you’ve already checked your own devices that are connected to the net, you might still be dealing with a few packet losses from nowhere. Chances are, there could be people who are piggybacking on your internet connection. Getting a private directory for your internet will ensure that your devices are using the fast lane to get from the domain website and then back. Private networks are provided through subscriptions tosites like speedupmy.net that allow you to increase your internet speed without needing to change your ISP. To get the best results, do a speedtest on your internet before and after applying these tips.

3.Find your router’s sweet spot

Though it might be silly to think so, wireless routers do get stronger in some parts of your home compared to others. No, it’s not the 90s talking about phone coverage requiring you to wave your flip phone up in the air to get a signal. The reason why older broadband connections had to be attached on top of houses was so that it could get the best coverage without being obstructed by nearby objects. Wireless routers do experience shifts in speed if they don’t get to send the proper radio signals in the best path possible.

4.Reboot your router

Your Wi-Fi router is just like any other device. Functioning as a small computer, if it’s left on for too long(or always), then you might face drawbacks with its performance. The router holds background process and cache info just like a computer. Doing a regular reset could make it reset its connection to a channel to give you better internet speed.


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