4 Marketing Tips to Emphasize the Value of Your Product

Marketing really is a simple game that we often make more difficult than it needs to be. At the end of the day, the most important goal of a marketing campaign is to demonstrate the value of a product or service. What problem does it solve? Why should consumers want to purchase it? As such, anything you can do in your marketing efforts to highlight what’s special about your company is going to separate you from the competition and bring you more leads and sales. So, to help you get started, here are four marketing tips that can make your product pop in a cluttered marketplace:


Get Out of the Vacuum

Thinking that you can market yourself independently of your competition is a naive way to go about setting yourself apart. Rather than ignoring what your competitors are doing, actively study the way they advertise across digital media. At the very least, it will provide you with insight into what they aren’t saying in their content. After all, you can’t work to stand out if you don’t first hear the background noise your rivals are making.


Utilize Humor

It’s scientifically proven that humor helps us recall details and facts. With that in mind, you’d be well served to create social media posts (and content in general) that’s funny. Jokes, memes, and goofy pictures can leave a significant impression on your consumer base. It may sound silly (and it is) but employing a bit of levity will help keep your business top of mind. (Note: this advice is more apt for businesses that offer light-hearted products or services. For instance: it’s a lot easier to use humor as a device to convince someone to rent a party bus, than it is to sell them on a choice of funeral home.)


Find the Right Demographic

You’re going to struggle to reach the sales numbers you desire if you’re marketing yourself to the wrong people. That’s why it’s essential to understand who’s interested in your product and to establish a target market. Only then can you maximize your ads and other marketing content. Don’t waste your time with demographics who have no desire to explore your product.


Engage Your Audience Visually

Given the number of boilerplate, utterly mundane blog posts floating around the internet trying vainly to capture attention, every marketer should understand that one of the best ways to make an impact online is to create stimulating content. Using images effectively can boost otherwise drab web pages, and making videos to explain or demonstrate your product can go a long way toward converting a lead into a sale. Don’t just tell your audience about your product or service –– show it to them in action!


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