4 Important Points to Consider While Sourcing Internationally

Businesses source and purchase goods and products from different global suppliers but China is becoming incredibly the most globally known destination for high-quality, cheaper priced products. Remember it’s not just businesses that are adopting the use of Chinese manufactures; it doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of changing the décor in your restaurant, or change your home into a suburb, China can be your best place for all your shopping needs. However, it is good to have enough research beforehand prior to investing your million dollar company internationally. Additionally, it is good to find a sourcing agent in your target market.But why have a sourcing agent in a target market?

It is good to note that sourcing agents are experts with broad expertise and experience at sourcing suppliers to meet your business needs. Agents can also provide you with references for reliable suppliers in China and deal with tasks that you are unable to physically deal with, such as visiting industries or looking for the best deals in local markets.

Are you considering Sourcing from China?Find out below what to keep in mind!

China is by far the most popular know country for sourcing products; however, it is good to know the essential things to consider before you decide to source.

  1. Find reliable suppliers

When it comes to sourcing, many transactions involved are between the buyer and the supplier, so without a reliable supplier, things can get worse and businesses can get into a nightmare. So ensure you work with an honest, trustworthy and reliable supplier. In fact, it is advisable to hire a sourcing expert since they will help you to ensure the suppliers are reliable and trustworthy.Additionally, you may as well look for reviews or customer references online, request for recommendations from suppliers or even ask from people who have sourced products from China.

  1. Do everything in writing

It is good to ensure all terms are stated meaningfully in writing as this will help to evade sham activity and streamline the sourcing process. Written agreements are the best way of safeguarding your business in China, so requests written contracts and records that can act as authorized evidence in case something goes wrong, protecting both parties.

  1. Do a prior sourcing trip

A sourcing trip will allow you to check the quality of the products and services being offered; therefore consider having a sourcing trip beforehand instead of thoughtlessly trusting what the supplier is claiming. Take a tour to visit the supplier’s workplaces, industries and storefronts to make sure they are the real manufacturers and not just intermediaries. Additionally, hiring a sourcing specialist can also help to conduct extra scrutiny in case of dwindling quality.

  1. Consider logistics

This is very crucial as it is the means by which your products will reach your final destination. Look at the communication technology, transport infrastructure, shipping approaches, packaging and many other factors. Stay in close contact with your supplier to make sure everything is done smoothly, securely and efficiently, with frequent updates about the status of your order, location and projected distribution as well as online tracking info for improved convenience.


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