10 Tips for Effective Business Meetings

It doesn’t matter if you are working for a multinational company or a startup that is new in the market you will always have meetings. Meetings are a very important part of any organization. These organizations tend to discuss their further plans and ideas to reach their goals in the meetings. Without meetings, the employees would be directionless. They will not know what they have to do next. Meetings play a vital role in a company if they want to build a strong company culture. Not only that they are also the means to generate new ideas that can benefit the company. 

However, there is a problem here. Despite being so important meetings are the ones that most employees complain about. The average number of people complaining about the meeting is astonishing. There are plenty of reasons for this. It could be the time of the meeting or its duration. But if you look at the concept of meetings there is nothing inherently wrong with it. After all, it is in the best interest of the company. If you look at it you would wonder why meetings have become so bad in the eyes of the employees. Maybe it is not the meeting itself, maybe it is how you conduct them. How you conduct meetings can actually be the end of these complaints. There are many organizations that need to learn this. If you want your business to be successful then you should definitely know how to organize meetings.

Here are a few tips to make your next business meeting effective.


Choose the right day and time for the meeting

This is something all the companies irrespective of their scale should consider. Especially if the meetings are with your employees. You have to attend meetings with clients whenever they want but it is completely different when it comes to employees. This is because they are not always in the mood to attend meetings. Because of this, the timing of the meetings become crucial. Do not schedule meetings on the first or the last days of the week. This is because they have either come back from a break or expecting one. Apart from that, make sure you choose the right time of the day to hold a meeting. Do not have meetings early in the morning or right after lunch. Choose a time when the employees will be fully productive.


Be prepared

This is simply common sense. If you want to organize a meeting then you should know what you are going to say. You cannot hold meetings just because you have a plan. There is more to it. Preparation is the key to a successful meeting. If you do not prepare then it will be the main reason for the failure of the meeting. So definitely know what you want to say and what you want out of the meeting. Another thing to consider is if the meeting is actually necessary. There are few things that can be done through a simple phone call.


Make sure everyone is there on time

Being punctual is very important for a successful meeting. You want everyone to be in the meeting room at a particular time. This is very important for setting the tone of the meeting. You don’t want people to keep coming into the room ten minutes after the meeting starts. It will only ruin the environment or break the flow of the meeting. So make it clear for everyone that they should be punctual otherwise they will not be a part of the meeting. 


Have a limited number of attendees

You don’t want your meetings to be overcrowded. Moreover, you don’t need too many people to attend your meetings. You only need the important people who hold powerful positions in the workplace. Not saying that the other employees are not important. It’s just that you should only involve people who are relevant to the meeting. If you can hold meetings like this it will be easier to get your point across without many difficulties.


State your agenda

This is the single most important thing you should do right after you start your meetings. If you know why you are holding the meeting then you know what you want out of it. So make sure you note down the reasons and outcomes that you are expecting from a meeting. Share this with the attendees as soon as you start the meeting. This will help them in understanding what is the purpose of the meetings right away.


Take notes

Taking notes is something not many people do but know that it is quite important. It doesn’t matter if you are the boss or the employee everyone must take notes. This is because no one can retain all the information that is conveyed in the meeting. There could be some important points made by someone that you might forget. In such cases, your notes will be most helpful for you. You can even record the meeting but you cannot keep watching the meeting again and again. So it is best to take notes.


Encourage everyone to be a part of the discussion

A meeting is not just one person speaking and others listening. It is equally important that every individual in the meeting participates in it. Someone might have a brilliant idea but they might hesitate to share it. So make sure everyone feels comfortable. Ask them to share their ideas even if they think they are silly.


Switch off all the mobile phones

One thing you don’t want in the middle of the meetings is someone’s phone ringing. This will upset everyone. It just breaks the flow of the meeting. You don’t want any distractions during the meeting. So tell everyone to switch off their phones before entering the room.


Don’t have meetings every week

Some companies make it a thing to have meetings every week. But it is not the best way to do it. You don’t just simply have meetings just for the sake of it you only have them when they are absolutely necessary. So make sure that you have a strong reason for holding a meeting. If you don’t have one then there is no need to have a meeting.


Set a duration for each meeting

This something that a lot of people do not know. Most employees are annoyed by meetings because they don’t know when it is going to end. You must understand that meetings become boring after they exceed a certain threshold. So set a duration for the meeting and finish it in time.



These are some of the tips that can make your next meeting successful. Meetings are very important for the growth of the company. So make sure you have held them when you have a strong reason. Choosing the correct time is also equally important. Don’t prolong meetings. Set a time limit, state your agenda, and finish it as quickly as possible. But make sure that everyone participates in the meeting. Use the above tips to make your business meetings more effective. 

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